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Roof Leak – Should I Call My Insurance Company?

Have you just noticed a roof leak and want to know what’s covered by your insurance provider? We’ll look at what is (and isn’t) covered by most home insurance providers when it comes to leaking roof repairs.

Roof leaks are one of the most common structural problems a property owner will face. If you’ve discovered your roof has sprung a leak, you may be wondering whether you should contact your insurance provider. Whether the leak was caused by storm damage, an ageing roof, or an accident, homeowners should refer to their insurance policies while also sourcing a roof leak repair contractor.

Home insurance will typically include cover for damages or leaks to roofs; however, not all roof leaks are covered. Each policy will be entirely dependent on the provider and the individual policy that was taken out. In many instances, it will come down to the situation and how the leak originated.

Dealing with a roof leak is stressful enough without the added stress of having an insurance claim rejected. This article will break down the basics of when home or building insurance may cover a roof leak hopefully give you a better understanding of how insurance policies and roof damages work.


A standard homeowner or building insurance policy covers the most common risks and dangers to your home. On your insurance policy, these may be listed as covered perils. Your policy will also disclose the named exclusions (the instances in which your home will not be covered). It’s important to take note of these perils and exclusions as they will determine how helpful your homeowner’s insurance policy will be in the case of a roofing emergency.

Generally speaking, home insurance covers roof leaks; however, it will depend on the nature of the leak. There is a common trend with insurance policies that shows that providers will cover repair costs for leaks and damages that were unavoidable. If the leak occurred as a result of failure to maintain a roof, it might not be covered by home insurance. Essentially, the cause of the roof leak is what determines whether the damage will be covered.

The most common instances in which your roof leak damages will be covered by homeowner’s insurance include:

common insurance policy rules for damaged roofs
  • Falling trees or branches
  • Other falling objects
  • Windstorm, hail, extreme weather conditions
  • Weight of ice or snow
  • Vandalism

The burning question – “roof leak should I call insurance?”. The aforementioned situations are usually covered by insurance policies as they are unavoidable, and there was nothing you can do to prevent the leak from occurring.

The most common policy exclusions for roof leak damages include:

  • Lack of roof maintenance
  • Roof neglect
  • Mould, algae, or wood rotting
  • Roof deterioration
  • Settling, shrinking, bulging or expanding
  • Birds, rodents, and insects
common roofing insurance policy exclusions

Generally speaking, if the leak was avoidable or could have easily been prevented, then the homeowner insurance provider may class it as exclusion and won’t cover the damages. From the perspective of an insurance company, a home insurance policy is not a maintenance policy and the responsibility to take care of the roof is on the homeowner. Furthermore, depending on your insurance policy, the roof of your home may be only partly covered for the cost of the leak repair.

Keep in mind that these situations do not apply to every insurance provider, and we strongly advise homeowners to consult their policy in the event of any roofing damage. Every insurance policy is different, and it is worth getting in contact with your homeowner’s insurance provider to better understand the nature of the insurance claims.


Yes. But we also recommend calling a professional roofing service directly. Prior to calling your insurance company, it may be best to engage with a roofing contractor first. Roofing companies often deal with insurance providers and understand the process for estimates and policy covers. A qualified roofing team like Vertec Roofing can assess the damage, advise you on the best route, and walk you through the process of the claim if need be.

why you should call a roofer for a leaking roof

A professional roofing team like Vertec can ensure your roof is properly inspected, assessed, and the underlying cause of the roof leak is identified. Filing a comprehensive claim with an insurance company can be both tedious and exhausting. A roofing expert will be able to find the best route for the insurance claim depending on what they find during the roofing inspection. If you do decide to file a claim with your insurance provider, having a qualified roofer will be a huge advantage.

Working with a team like Vertec Roofing will also mean benefiting from high-quality roof leak repairs. Vertec Roofing has been in the roofing industry for over 15 years now and has repaired and managed every kind of roof leak imaginable. At Vertec Roofing Sydney, our team is dedicated to delivering premium quality roofing solutions that will stand the test of time. If you’ve just found a leak in your roof, get in touch with our team today to organise a free no-obligation inspection with one of our roofing specialists.

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