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Looking to brighten up your Canberra property? Vertec Roofing can provide you with outstanding skylight installation to allow for incredible natural light into the space of your property. Skylights Canberra services offer a fantastic enhancement to any property, offering increased airflow, daylight and ventilation.

Vertec Roofing are Canberra’s leading roofers for anything related to skylight supply and installation for residential, commercial and industrial properties. Our expert roofing team have the necessary skylight skills and have been working on Canberra roofs for over 15 years. With our substantial knowledge and practical experience, we deliver extraordinary skylight supply and installation across Canberra.


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The Best Skylights Canberra Has to Offer

Roof skylights, also known as glass roof panels or sky windows, are clear elements of a roof built within the structure and provide ventilation and daylight. Generally used to improve the amount of natural light in a space, skylights are incredible at opening up a space with a lighter, brighter appearance and increased ventilation.

There are numerous benefits when it comes to adding new skylights to your property or home. In the case of a Canberra residential property, skylight installation brings more natural light into your home, provides more fresh air for ventilation, decreases the dependency on artificial lighting and can reduce the need for air-conditioning heating, as well as their associated bills.



Why Install a Skylight?

When you install new skylights in your property, you’re increasing the total energy efficiency of the whole building. Ventilating skylights are a natural solution to keeping warm air trapped in the cold Canberra winter and allowing cool air to flow through in summer with improved ventilation.

In our experience and that of many, installing new skylights in your home or Canberra commercial property can significantly increase the overall value of the property. When installing new skylights, you can be assured that Vertec Roofing provides additional diligence and takes the utmost care throughout the whole installation process. Installing a skylight requires a hole and disruption in the roofing exterior; correct installation is required to avoid leak, gaps and vulnerabilities in the cavity of the roof.

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How Can Vertec Help?

If you want a cost-effective solution to add more light to a space in your home, a skylight might be the most attractive option for your property. Skylights are excellent for letting cool, natural light into your house and used to brighten up areas lacking natural light, such as a hallway, bathroom or room without windows. We can install Skylights in both new and existing homes, industrial sites and commercial properties.

If you are in ACT, Vertec Roofing are the leading experts in skylights Canberra installation. Your go-to roofing business for the metropolitan area of Canberra, we can service, install, maintain and fix all types of skylights and inspect the associated roofing materials. Call us today about your skylight project, and we’ll arrange a free, no-obligation quote with one of our expert skylight roofing contractors.

Supplying & Installation

If you’re searching for skylight supply and install services of the highest quality, you’re in the right place. Skylights require attention to detail regarding waterproofing and sealing to guarantee that the alterations in the roofing material do not let any water penetrate the roof. Vertec Roofing has the qualifications, knowledge and experience to deliver exceptional skylight installations across the ACT.

Installing new skylights requires a roofing professional to make the necessary alterations to the roofing structure, install the new skylight, seal the skylight with flashing and required waterproofing. Some types of skylights also need additional features to be added to the property. Skylights come as manually opening, electric, solar-powered or fixed skylight panels. The installation process may differ, depending on which skylight model you choose. At Vertec Roofing, we take the time to examine your roof and the model of skylight you’d like us to install before proceeding and selecting the best new skylights Canberra installation method.

Products We Use for Skylights Canberra Installation:

  • Skyspan
  • Regent
  • Skydome
  • Solatube
  • Velux

How Can I Find Skylight Installers in My Area?

Did you Google “Skylight Installers in my area” to arrive here? Then you’ve found the right people! Vertec Roofing is a Canberra-based roofing business that installs, repairs, and maintains skylights across Canberra and ACT. Wherever you’re located in this region, we’re confident we can present you with outstanding skylight installation. We will always provide professional and friendly advice on the best ways to enjoy, maintain and care for the skylights in your home or property.

How Much Does It Cost to Install Skylights Canberra?

Curious about installing a new skylight and asking yourself, “how much does it cost to add a skylight to my home?”. The cost of installing a new skylight will differ significantly depending on your property, the roofing materials on-site and the type of skylight you want. Ventilating and solar-powered skylights will be more expensive than a simple fixed skylight installation and set-up.

If you want multiple skylights installed on your roof, this will also increase the total cost of installation. Give us a call today if you’d like to speak with a roofing expert on how much it costs to add a skylight to your Canberra property.

Vertec Roofing’s Experience

Throughout our 15 years of industry service, we have worked in all types of weather conditions and every kind of house. We are dedicated to providing dependable and reputable skylight installation and will be there to solve your issue in rain, hail, or sunshine. Our experience and skills allow us to tackle all skylight jobs, regardless of what your property looks like!

The team at Vertec Roofing are all certified, qualified roofing professionals who take pride in looking after our customers and getting the job done right. No project is too big or too small for our experienced roofers. We are dedicated to delivering the most comprehensive roof services in Canberra and maintaining our position as the leading roof repair experts.

If you’d like to learn more about what’s involved in enhancing your Canberra property with a skylight, call our team today. Vertec Roofing will provide a free, no-obligation quote and advise you on the best course of action for needs. Our team is courteous, customer service driven and will ensure your skylight project is executed perfectly.