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Are you looking to repair or add new cladding to your property? Look no further than Vertec Roofing. With over 15 years’ experience in the roofing industry, we have helped countless customers with repairing and installing wall cladding to improve the visual appeal and structural integrity of their external walls.

Whether you need wall cladding work on your Canberra home or commercial or industrial site, Vertec roofing are experts in wall cladding Canberra services. Wall cladding is a fantastic way to breathe new life and colours into your home with many design options and materials to choose from. Not only can wall cladding be visually appealing, but cladding can also provide many structural, thermal and sound reducing benefits.


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Expert Wall Cladding Canberra

Wall cladding is used to protect a home, internal, or building from wind, moisture, and heat. Correctly installed cladding is essential in any building to ensure structural integrity, protection from the elements and optimal thermal performance. Cladding is when one material is overlapped with another piece to create a structure which inhibits the infiltration of the outside elements to your roof and provide a visual aesthetic that many Australians recognise. Not only does cladding provide structural qualities and visual appeal but helps with both sound reduction and thermal insulation. Wall cladding can be made from a number of materials such as weatherboards, timber, natural stone, aluminium, cement and brick.

While some people may like to do their own research on the materials and styles of cladding out there, when it comes to cladding installation and repair, it is best to leave it to professionals. At Vertec roofing, all our roofing contractors are qualified and experienced in providing expert wall cladding Canberra services.



Residential, Commercial & Industrial Wall Cladding

Whether your need a small repair or replacement of cladding, or are commencing a new build, Vertec are here to help. If you need help in selecting the right materials and design for your wall cladding, we are proud to stock materials from Australia’s leading manufacturers and have a wealth of knowledge on choosing the correct option for your budget and property needs.

At Vertec roofing, we take on roofing and cladding jobs of all shapes and sizes. We work not only on residential wall cladding projects but also on commercial and industrial sites. No job is too big or small for us, we are passionate about delivering our customers and Canberra businesses with the best cladding results possible. Vertec are customer service driven and proud to be of service across Canberra and the Australian Capital Territory.

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Canberra Wall Cladding FAQ

Are You the Cheapest Roofer in Canberra?

We stand by one simple motto; do it once and do it right.

We offer high-quality wall cladding Canberra services at an affordable price. Our cladding is designed to stand the test of time so that you don’t have to fork out for maintenance and replacement jobs every 4-5 years.

At Vertec Roofing, we have built our reputation on delivering the best quality cladding and roofing services at the most affordable price. The cost of your cladding project will depend on a number of key factors including the size, structure, and scope of your project. To find out if we are the right fit for your job, get in touch with one of our friendly team on 02 8007 4366 to arrange an inspection and quote.

Can I Get a Quote for Wall Cladding in Canberra?


Before you make any big cladding decisions, you’re going to need a quote. We understand that getting wall cladding is a big decision, which is why we provide a quote so that you can consider your options carefully. To arrange a consultation and viewing for your commercial or residential property, get in touch through phone or email.

What Other Services Do You Offer?

We are proud to offer a wide range of cladding and Roofing Services around the Australian Capital Territory. Some of the most popular services that we offer include Commercial Roofing, Re-Roofing, and Colourbond Roofing. For almost every application on commercial and residential buildings – we have a solution. If you can’t find the service that you are looking for on our website, you can use the contact form below to book a consultation.

How Do I Book an Inspection?

Booking an inspection for your wall cladding Canberra project is easy. Fill out a contact form at the bottom of the page or speak to one of our friendly team by phone to arrange an inspection for your residential or commercial cladding projects.

How Much Do Wall Cladding Canberra Services Cost?

Asking how much wall cladding costs is a lot like asking how much a holiday is going to cost! It depends on your unique circumstances and exactly what you are looking to do with your wall cladding project. Do you want natural stone cladding or aluminum? Only the entrance of your home or all external walls?

We recommend getting in touch with our friendly team to organise an inspection and quote for your wall cladding or roofing project.

Is Wall Cladding Covered by Insurance?

It is impossible to say without knowing the intricacies of your commercial or residential insurance policy.

Generally speaking, unexpected damage caused by wind, rain, and hail are covered by your insurance policy. There is a myriad of factors that will determine whether your wall cladding is covered by insurance and how much you will be reimbursed to carry out any repairs.

We recommend speaking with your insurance provider who can help you to understand what is covered by your insurance policy. Our friendly team is happy to provide expert advice and help you to understand how your policy can work for you.

What Areas Do You Service in Canberra?

From Goulburn to Namagadi National park – we’ve got you covered.

The Vertec Roofing team is mobile which means that we can come to you – no matter where you are. If you are in the Australian Capital Territory – give us a call on 02 8007 4366 to find out when we can get to you.

Some of the areas that we service around Canberra include:

Aranda, Belconnen, Braddon, Bruce, Campbell, Civic, Curtin, Denman Prospect, Dickson, Fisher, Griffith, Inner North, Inner South, Kambah, Kingston, Molonglo Valley, Narrabundah, Tuggeranong, Woden Valley, Yarralumla.

Can’t see your suburb? Don’t stress! If you’re in Canberra, we can make it work. Get in contact with our friendly team to arrange a consultation for your cladding or roofing project.

Why Choose Vertec for Wall Cladding Canberra?

We have built our reputation on providing high quality wall cladding services that ACT residents can rely on. We don’t cut corners, and we always go the extra mile to ensure that your roof stands the test of time. We aren’t interested in quick fixes or temporary solutions – we want to provide the best wall cladding service so that you can spend less time worrying about your home and its maintenance.

Do You Offer Commercial or Residential Services?


Our team is fully trained, licenced, and insured to deliver commercial and residential wall cladding services right across the Australian Capital Territory. Whether you need natural stone wall cladding for visual appeal on a townhouse in Yass, or a multi-storey commercial cladding service in Civic Centre – we can make it happen.