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What you need to know about roof repairs

The roof is the single largest, heaviest, and most open to the elements part of the house. It is the most important part of the superstructure that makes up your home, so maintaining it is important. If your roof needs repairs, you need to get on it right away or it can cost you heavily in the future.

Identifying roof damage:
How old is your roof?
Depending on what materials are put into the roofing, it can last anywhere in the range of 20 to 50 years as long as it has not been damaged outright by storms or hurricanes. Most metal and tiled roofs are built to last.
Check the overhang
The overhang is where insects, animals, and small birds like to live so they can weaken the edges of the roof. Cracks, holes, and rotting are warning signs.
Water damage
Small leaks can over time lead to puddles of water pooling up where you can’t really see it. Many years later, it can suddenly manifest itself in the form of warping and sagging. Plastic roof vents, the fascia, and gutters are hard to inspect, but are also the spots where the most damage takes place.

If you are not sure where to look, or do not know what to look for, have a professional take a look for you. Conduct a full scale roof inspection once every five years or so. If any repairs are recommended by the inspector, make sure you do it right away. Get a qualified contractor to repair the roof and create a maintenance schedule so that you can be prepared for roof repairs beforehand.

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