Choosing The Right Colorbond Thickness

choosing the right colorbond thickness cover

Colorbond steel has been used and loved across Australian homes for more than fifty years. Colorbond is one of the most well-known building materials and brands on the market, used across roofing materials, shed construction materials, fencing materials, walling, and cladding. Famed for its reliability and durability, Colorbond is most commonly known for providing Australia’s […]

How much overhang on metal roof for gutters?

how much overhang on a metal roof cover

Gutters on your roof are essential for protecting your building’s structure. If you’ve got a metal roof installed, chances are you’re wondering how far should roof sheets overhang the gutter. Too much over the gutter, and water will miss it altogether and start to erode soil at the base. If you don’t have enough overhang, […]