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How Much Does It Cost to Replace A Commercial Roof?

How Much Does It Cost to Replace A Commercial Roof?

The roof is arguably the most critical structural components of any commercial property. When it comes to keeping your commercial property safe, the materials on your commercial roof work hard to battle the harsh extremities outside. Over time, commercial roofs will naturally experience wear and tear, and will eventually need replacing. The question is, how much does it cost to replace a commercial roof?


Commercial Roof Replacement Costs

Unfortunately, there is no single answer for how much it costs to replace a commercial roof. Every roof will come with a different replacement cost, and these costs will rely on several variables.

When wondering “how much does it cost to replace a commercial roof?”, we first need to consider why you’re replacing the roof, the process of the roof replacement, and what goes into the costs.

If you’re considering a commercial roof replacement, chances are, the roof is in pretty poor condition, has suffered extensive damage, or has aged significantly. Often, roofing contractors will consider whether or not it is worth doing patch-up roof repairs or restorations before undergoing a full roof replacement.

If your commercial roof is missing a roof tile or two, requires a simple flashing replacement, or just needs a good clean up, then a commercial roof replacement can be further delayed. However, when the work extends far beyond a few simple patch-up jobs, looking into a commercial roof replacement is potentially your best route. For broader and extensive damage, it makes far more sense to undergo a full roof replacement than make numerous expensive and reoccurring repair jobs.


When It’s Time to Replace A Commercial Roof

signs that you may need to replace your commercial roof

1. Your Commercial Roof Is Ageing

The first sign a commercial roof is due for a replacement is its age. Generally speaking, roofs will have a 20-year warranty, and depending on the roofing material, can last between 15-25 years. The lifespan of a roof can be significantly prolonged with basic roof maintenance, and different roofing materials will age at varying speeds. Furthermore, properties that are in high-wind or coastal areas may experience a deteriorating roof far earlier than those in urban areas.

2. Your Commercial Roof Looks Tired

Take a look at the commercial property and compare it to the buildings surrounding. Does your site look worn, tired, and unkempt in comparison? Then it may be time for a roof replacement. Whether it be for aesthetical purposes or purely to revamp your commercial site, a roof replacement can significantly improve the outset of any property.

3. Water Damage

A sturdy roof will be able to withstand heavy rain, high winds, and extreme weather conditions. However, if your roof becomes significantly damaged from water or a storm, its structural integrity is compromised. One of the most indicative signs for a needed roof replacement is water damage. A well-protected property will not experience mould, rotting, leaking, layers of algae or moss, and water stains. If you find that your commercial site is experiencing extensive moisture damage, it could be a sign that it’s time to undergo a commercial roof replacement.

4. Cracks and Holes in Roofing Materials

The roofing materials making up the structure of the commercial property need to be kept in reasonable condition to continue to protect the property. If there are any cracks, holes, bent tiles or sheets, they will need replacing. If there are more than a few materials that require replacing, it may be time to consider an entire commercial roof replacement.

5. Sagging Commercial Roof

If your roof is sagging or is experiencing severe corrosion, consider a roof replacement. Once the roofing materials begin to wear to the point of sagging and corrosion, the entire structure is vulnerable to extensive damage. All it takes is one bad storm for these roofs to allow water in for walls, ceilings, and the contents of the property to be significantly damaged.

6. High Energy Bills

Believe it or not, the roof over your commercial site plays a massive role in how expensive your energy bills are. A good roof will insulate, ventilate, and keep energy bills at bay. If you begin to experience poor insulation, your roof may be the culprit. Consider a commercial roof replacement to protect your site from the extremities of outside.


The Process of Commercial Roof Replacement

things that are involved in a roof replacement

Depending on the current roofing situation, a commercial roof replacement can go several ways. There are essentially three routes to commercial roof replacement:

  1. Removing the existing roof and laying a new roof
  2. Laying new roofing materials over existing roofing materials
  3. Simultaneously restoring parts of the existing roof while replacing others, creating a new roof with existing materials

A commercial roof replacement can either be completed by removing the roof and starting from scratch, installing a second roof over the top of the original roof or roof restoration.


Existing Roof Removal

If you’re planning to remove the original roof completely, this will take a lot of time, money, and labour. However, in some cases, commercial properties have no choice but to remove the existing roof and start again. In this case, the process will naturally take longer and more labour. Furthermore, if the original roofing materials contain asbestos, this will require an extensive removal process with a qualified asbestos technician.


Installation of New Commercial Roof

The installation process of a new commercial roof will depend on whether or not it is overlaying the existing roof or if it will be a new structure. If you’re installing a second layer of roofing on the commercial property, this postpones tear-off – it does not entirely eliminate it, as, at the end of the second roof’s life, both layers will eventually need removing.

Once you’ve determined the method of roof removal or restoration, it’s time to consider the installation of the new roof. Some materials and systems will be more expensive than others. These price variants will be included in the overall commercial roof replacement.


Factors Influencing the Cost to Replace A Commercial Roof

1. The Chosen Process

As stated earlier, the process of the commercial roof replacement will be one of the most significant factors influencing the costs. If the roofing contractor needs to remove the original roofing materials, this will inflate the overall replacement costs as there will be more time, labour, and resources involved. If you decide to overlay the new materials, the tear-off process will be avoided and will cost less than the former method. Depending on how much needs to be replaced, roof restoration will sit in between these processes for costs.

2. The Roof Type

The most significant contributing factor to commercial roof replacement costs will be the type of roof. This factor includes both the shape of the roof (sloped, flat, gable, hip) and the roofing materials.

The more complicated the design, the more expensive commercial roof replacement will be. Flat roofs are generally the most basic designs, and require the least amount of work, and therefore will be the cheapest design. Hip and gable designs are more complicated and will be more expensive.

Roofing material costs can vary from company to company, but generally start with asphalt and tile shingles on the cheaper end of the scale, and metal roofing sheets including Colorbond at the more expensive end.

the factors determining the cost of roof replacement

3. Roof Accessibility

How accessible the commercial roof is will influence the overall replacement costs. If roofing contractors have to implement extra safety measures to access and complete the job, the costs will increase. Naturally, with more floors or levels involved, the more complicated and costly the replacement job will become.

4. Roof Features

Any additional roofing features can contribute to increased commercial roofing replacement costs. Roof features for replacement include guttering, guttering accessories, skylights, chimneys and whirlybirds. When considering the costs of your commercial roof replacement, it’s essential to consider these additional features.

5. Local Area

Finally, the location of the commercial property is located may influence the costs of commercial roof replacement. If the site is a coastal area or in a climate that experiences high temperatures, there may need to be extra precautions and materials used to ensure the new roof is suitable for the local conditions.


How Much Does It Cost to Replace A Commercial Roof?

With these factors in mind, a commercial roof replacement can cost between $15,000 and $60,000 depending on the materials involved. If the chosen materials cost between $50 to $105 per square meter, the replacement would generally cost between $15,000 and $30,000. If the materials are a more expensive product and individually cost between $160 to $280 per square meter, the overall costs can equate to approximately $30,000 to $60,000.

Again, it’s important to remember that every commercial property is entirely different and will rely on varying factors. Therefore, these costs are only rough approximations. An accurate reflection of price can only be presumed once a professional roofing contractor has undergone thorough consultation, inspection and quotation.


Talk to The Professionals

If you’re considering replacing the roof on your commercial property, get in touch with Vertec Roofing. Vertec are the leading Sydney experts in commercial roof repairs, restorations, and replacement. With more than 15 years of servicing Sydney roofs, we have worked with every type of roofing site imaginable. Get in touch with one of our roofing experts today to learn more about the costs of your commercial roof replacement.

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