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Painting Colorbond Roof – Can It Be Done?

Colorbond roofing is a popular roofing choice for Sydney-siders due to its durability, strength, thermal efficiency and overall sleek appearance. Colorbond is a popular choice Australia wide due to its ability to withstand Australia’s harsh, changeable weather conditions. Colorbond is made with a strong, Zincalume core and coated in a pre-painted seal. Highly resistant to corrosion, Colorbond is a favourite roofing material for coastal, rural, and urban properties.

Colorbond was first introduced in the late 1960s, and quickly became the preferred choice over corrugated roofing. Now available in 22 colours, Colorbond also gives homeowners the ability to pick and choose their style to match the overall theme of their house. However, these shades were not available for many years and those with older Colorbond roofs may still have some years left in their roofing structure but are looking to restore some life back into it with a lick of paint.

Whether you’re the property owner of a faded Colorbond roof, or you’re moving into a Colorbond home and the current colour doesn’t suit your style, it is possible to restore your Colorbond roof and extend its lifespan. Painting over Colorbond roofs is a great way to update the overall aesthetic of your house, while still maintaining the benefits from the original instalment.


There is a common misconception that Colorbond cannot be painted. This is in fact, a myth. Colorbond can easily be restored and re-painted, provided the correct paint is used and the work is executed by a professional.

can you repaint a colorbond roof?

Repainting a Colorbond roof requires a particular process and practice. Executing this process is not something a homeowner will be able to do alone. Restoring Colorbond roofing is within the scope of a licensed roofing contractor and it’s important to look for someone who has the experience and knowledge in Colorbond roofing.

Colorbond roofing requires a metal roofing specialist and specialised products that have been specifically designed for Colorbond roofing materials. Hiring an amateur painter to complete painting a Colorbond roof will only result in a poor-quality job that will cost you in the long run. Colorbond painting takes time, effort, experience and specialist Colorbond metal roofing knowledge – don’t risk an amateur job.


Colorbond Roofs are well-known for being long-lasting and durable. The lifespan on a Colorbond roof is significantly longer than other roofing materials, especially in Australia’s harsh weather conditions. So why would you need to restore a Colorbond roof?

As roofs begin to age, the roofing material may still be in good condition, however, the harsh Australian sun can contribute to slight colour fade. Repainting a Colorbond roof is a great way to revamp the overall appearance of a house and take care of that faded look. Scenarios in which a Colorbond may require a repaint include:

  • Fading and chalky appearance
  • Stubborn Staining
  • Flaking or Bubbling Paint
  • Seawater Exposure

If you’ve just bought a new house with Colorbond roofing, and may not favour the current colour choice, repainting the roof will allow you to match the roofing to your house style or theme.

When Colorbond roofing materials were created in the 1960s, there were fewer options for colour and style. Today, there are over 20 shades to choose from to suit your house and its environment. If you have an older Colorbond shade roof and you’d like to upgrade it to a newer colour, a simple repaint will leave you with a clean finish.


Painting Colorbond roofing is best left to the professionals. The process is best executed when a specialised roofing contractor is experienced in Colorbond materials and can carefully repaint with specifically designed products. The practice of restoring a Colorbond roof is not as simple as painting a concrete tile roof, the process is entirely different. Painting Colorbond roof sheeting requires a lot of work in preparation and a multilayer coating system that is integral to a long-lasting and sleek finish.

In order to successfully repaint Colorbond roofing, a specialised roofing contractor will need to:

process of painting a colorbond roof

1. Assess the Roof’s Existing Condition

The roofing specialist will firstly have to get an understanding of the existing condition of the roof. In order to ensure a smooth application, a proper roof inspection will have to be undertaken to assess any potential problems. What looks like a degraded Colorbond roof from afar, could turn out to just be contaminates that require extra cleaning. What might look like flaking or bubbling paint could actually be a spot of hidden rust. More often than not, Colorbond roofing’s extreme durability will mean the paint has just been slightly weathered and faded.

An experienced roofing contractor will also take the time to make any necessary repairs or replacements. This includes replacing any old lead nails, rusted screws, and any sheets where necessary. This will ensure the paint is being applied to the best quality materials and will be long-lasting.

2. Pressure Clean for Preparation

When it has been confirmed that your Colorbond does, in fact, require a re-paint, the entire surface will need to be cleaned in preparation for the priming and painting process. The roofing specialist will pressure clean with specialised Colorbond designed detergents at 3000psi. An industrial pressure cleaner will help break down the oxidised paint, leaving the roof with a surface that will provide maximum binding with the application of paint.

Cleaning the roof is crucial to the success of a Colorbond roof repaint. Improper cleaning and preparation will result in poor adhesion and down the line, the paint will soon flake off. If the roof contains small areas of rust, then the contractor will also need to use a specific rust treatment prior to the priming process.

3. Prime the Surface

The next part of the Colorbond roofing paint process is to ensure the materials are properly primed. Priming Colorbond roofing materials will provide a maximum binding for the paint on the bare metal surface. Some Colorbond roof paints are self-priming and do not require this step of the process. However, a primer can be used anyway to ensure even application.

The primer your roofing contractor uses will be a specifically designed spray paint. An airless spray gun is used to spray the primer at pressure, for better adhesion and a smooth, even layer, for the paint to be applied to.

4. Paint the Roof

Colorbond roof paints are a specialised water-based acrylic membrane paint, designed purely for metal and steel roofs. These paints are carefully applied with the use of an airless spray gun for an even finish. The paint for Colorbond roof materials cannot be applied using other methods as this will demote adhesion. Your roofing contractor will apply 2 coats of membrane coating before allowing it to properly set.


colorbond roof palette

Colorbond roof paint can be adjusted and tinted to just about any shade, however, the most common is the standard Colorbond colours. The extensive range boasts 22 different colours and can be divided into contemporary and classic. Designed around and inspired by the natural pallet of Australia, there are Colorbond colours to suit coastal, rural, and urban Australian homes.


The cost of a Colorbond roof paint job will largely depend on the existing condition of the roof, and the size and style of the roof. On average, metal roofing material restorations and Bluescope products are more expensive than other roofing materials, as their advanced technology and beneficial properties contribute to a longer life span.

It’s important to note that Colorbond Roof repainting is not a task that can be undertaken by the average homeowner and should not be a D-I-Y aspiration. The process is long, drawn-out, and needs to be done by a professional who is well acquainted with Colorbond and Colorbond specialised paints. This is a crucial factor that will also influence the cost of a Colorbond roofing paint.

Here at Vertec Roofing, we understand every roof is different, as is their roofing solution. As Sydney’s leading roof repair and restoration company, we work alongside Colorbond roofs and Colorbond roofing products every day. A roof repaint and restoration can add significant value to your property, as well as extend the life on your roofing structure. Our experience in the roofing and restoration sector means we have the knowledge and specialised training to execute Colorbond restorations and we’ll be sure to leave your Colorbond with a smooth, sleek finish.

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  1. I never realized how transformative painting a Colorbond roof could be until I saw these amazing results! ? The way the color complements the overall aesthetics of the house is truly impressive. I’ve been considering a roof makeover for my own home, and after seeing these images, I’m convinced Colorbond is the way to go. Plus, knowing that it’s a durable and eco-friendly option makes it even more appealing. Thanks for sharing this inspiring post!

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