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What Is a Skillion Roof Design?

What Is a Skillion Roof Design?

A skillion roof is a fairly unique roof in its design, so we often get asked the question, “What is a skillion roof?”.

To put it simply, a skillion roof only has one flat surface with a relatively steep pitch.

A skillion roof differs from traditional gabled and hip roofs as it only has one slanting side coming down from the ridge as opposed to two or more sloping sides that meet at the peak of the ridge. Although similar to a flat roof with its distinct flat surface, a skillion differentiates itself through its pitch’s steepness. You can think of a skillion roof design as a mix between a flat roof and a gable roof; taking the minimal design atheistic of a flat roof and combining it with the pitch of a gabled roof.

Most of us will already know the answer to “What is a skillion roof?”, whether we’re aware of it or not. In Australia, you might know as skillion roof as a “shed roof”, it has been used across the country for a while in the design of sheds and industrial buildings. So, you might not be aware of it, but more likely than not, you’ve probably seen your fair share of skillion roofs before.

Here at Vertec Roofing, we are Sydney’s leading experts when it comes to various roofing designs. We offer exceptional roof repairs, roof maintenance, roof restoration, and roof replacement. So whether you’re considering designing a new skillion roof, or you’d like to replace your existing roof with a skillion design, we’re your guys.

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Common Skillion Roof Variants

Like many roofing styles, skillion roofs are quite versatile. Through creativity and design, there are a number of skillion roof variants you can now choose from depending on the building’s style and personality. Besides a regular skillion roof, the two of the most popular skillion roof design variants that need to be discussed when asking “What is a skillion roof?” are the skillion butterfly roof and the oval skillion roof:

Butterfly Skillion Roof

A Butterfly skillion roof is made up of two skillion roofs sloping downwards and meeting at the centre ridge. Think of it as an inverted gable roof; it’s two skillion roofs facing the opposite directions causing them to meet a central point (making them look like wings).

Oval Skillion Roof

An oval skillion roof is a roof with rounded edges, causing the roof to take on a circular form. On an oval skillion roof, the surface is not flat but curves. It is a unique design and helps increase the wind resistance of the structure.

What Is a Skillion Ceiling?

“What is a skillion ceiling?” is the question we get straight after “what is a skillion roof?”, as one usually accompanies the other. Just like a skillion roof pitches from one peak to one low point, so does a skillion ceiling. It is separate from a skillion roof because it relies on the walls’ height and not necessarily the roof. It requires one wall to be taller than the opposing wall to create a slopping ceiling.

A skillion ceiling is a design factor used to increase natural light and, in some cases, increase privacy. You don’t need a skillion roof to have a skillion ceiling and vice versa. However, that is extremely uncommon due to design aesthetics and added costs when they don’t accompany each other.

Is a Skillion Roof Cheaper?

Is a skillion roof cheaper than a tradition gabled or hipped roof? Generally, yes, they are. Skillion roofs use rafters to construct the appropriate slope, and as they only have one slope, the design and construction are simple and fast compared to a roof with multiple pitches.

The low costs of skillion roofs have made them a popular choice for industrial buildings in the past. Since then, the price has become an added advantage of a simplistic and minimal design choice.

What Are the Benefits of a Skillion Roof?

When considering what is a skillion room, the benefits are essential to consider. When consideration is taken, there are many additional benefits of skillion roofs, apart from its cost and minimal design.

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Water collection

Due to the single slopping high pitch of a skillion roof, water runoff and collection is easy. This means they don’t need to use any membranes or rubber skins for waterproofing. Furthermore, skillion roofs make water collection easy by funnelling water in one direction to be collected in water tanks or drainage systems.

Wind and storm protection

When the local weather conditions are considered during the design and construction of the structure and roof. A skillion roof can also reduce the impact of severe weather events like high winds and damaging storms.

Heating, cooling and natural light

Similarly, when the suns path used to help the design of the building, a skillion roof can help in a few ways. It can help heat a structure when cold by increasing sun exposure or cool it down by limiting it. Additionally, it can increase the natural light in a room or property.

Learn More About Skillion Roofing

Want to learn a little bit more about “what is a skillion roof?” we can certainly help. f you need any additional advice or information regarding skillion roofs, you can contact an expert roofer and have a chat to discuss your wants and roofing needs. Here at Vertec Roofing, we are the leading experts in roof installation and replacements with over 15 years of experience in the Sydney region.

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