how much do roof eaves repairs cost

Rotted Eaves Repair Costs in 2022

How much will a rotted eaves repair cost? That’s a good question! Roof eaves are your homes first defence against the elements – if replacements are required, costs will come down to the age, damage experienced and the type of roof eaves that you plan to replace with.

With over 20 years of experience in replacing and repairing roofing materials across Sydney and the ACT, Vertec Roofing are well placed to answer everything you need to know about gutter and eave repairs. Read on for our breakdown of what causes rotten eaves, why you should repair damage quickly, and how much your repairs should cost in 2022.


It’s important to repair your roof eaves if they become rotten because eaves play a crucial role in protecting your home from the harsh Australian climate and moisture damage. Without eaves, the structure of your house and foundations are at risk of being undermined by water damage over time.

In Sydney, homes are constantly exposed to high temperatures and storms in summer and driving rains in winter. In these conditions, guttering can quickly become blocked by falling leaves and other debris, which can accumulate and cause problems.

Fascia and eaves repair costs will vary depending on where you live, who you get to make the repairs, and what materials you choose. If properly installed, eaves extend your roofing beyond the wall edge, creating shade and allowing water to be diverted away from the walls and foundations where it can cause damage. If blockages are not rectified quickly, water cannot drain away and pools in the eaves. Regular maintenance is required to make sure the eaves are clear of debris all year round to avoid rotting and other damage.

why do eaves rot


Eaves can rot for many reasons, primarily relating to compromised roofing, poorly installed guttering, and clogged downpipes. Eaves are made up of two parts: Firstly, the soffit, which is the section on the underside where the roof meets the wall. And secondly, the fascia, which is the back panel running along the entire length of the wall behind the eaves.

The fascia board refers to the section where the guttering is attached to the house – this section of guttering is often made from wood with aluminium cladding. Wood is prone to rotting with long-term water exposure, so when you’re thinking about rotted eaves repair costs, often, in reality, it’s a rotting fascia board that needs replacing.

If your roofing is old or poorly maintained, it will be prone to leaks that are naturally funnelled towards the eaves. Water can also collect around the fascia board if the guttering and downpipes are clogged with debris, or worse, are overgrown with mould or algae. Overflowing downpipes will cause all parts of the eaves to be compromised and exposed to rotting.

roof eaves repair cost


Rotted eaves repair costs in Australia can be anywhere from $30 to $160 per metre. The large price range shows that how much it costs to fix your rotted eaves depends on a range of factors, including how extensive the damage is, how much of the roof and eaves can be saved, and what materials you choose to replace the rotted sections with.

Your eaves are your home’s primary defence against the climate and play a major role in keeping moisture out of your home and, more importantly, your foundations. Choosing reputable roofers to complete any repairs or installations you require is key to maintaining the integrity of your roofing and ensuring your eaves stay in good condition for many years to come.

There are many types of guttering available; popular choices include vinyl PVC, aluminium, and galvanised steel. At Vertec Roofing, we offer superior guttering replacement and repair services, using only the best materials. For this reason, we favour Colorbond steel designs as they are high quality, pre-powder coated and pre-sealed, meaning your ongoing painting and maintenance costs are significantly reduced.

Call In the Eaves & Guttering Experts

With over two decades of experience in gutter and fascia replacement Sydney-wide, Vertec Roofing are local experts whose team is made up of experienced and highly skilled contractors only working with high-quality products.

We understand the importance of guttering in keeping your home safe from water damage and its role in beautifying your property. Gone are the days when eaves and downpipes ruined the street appeal of your home. We specialise in high-performance roof drainage and use the highest quality painted aluminium, and pre powder coated Colourbond steel. These options allow you to match your eaves to your home’s overall design and colour scheme seamlessly.

So, if you’re researching rotted eaves repair costs, get in contact with our friendly team for more information and an obligation-free quote today on (02) 8007 4366.

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