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Roof Repointing Cost

Roof Repointing Cost

If you’ve been asking the question, “how much does it cost to repoint ridge tiles?” you’ve come to the right place – we’re going to provide a detailed guide on roof repointing cost, benefits, and how much it should cost overall to repoint your roof.

How Much Does Roof Repointing Cost in 2021?

If you’re research costs and pricing guidelines, you’re probably aware of what roof pointing is. However, pointing it isn’t a term many of us would have heard of, prior to discovering that our roof needs repointing. So, before we jump into the main topic of roof repointing costs, we need to understand what pointing is and its role in a roof. As Sydney’s leading roof repair experts, we’re more than qualified to provide the ultimate guide on roof repointing.

What Does Roof Repointing Mean?

Pointing is a cement or mortar applied to exposed edges and lines of roofing tiles to protect the roof from water and moisture leaks. Most commonly seen on the ridge tiles as they are the most important tiles on a roof, pointing acts as the first line of defence against rain and leaks. Pointing is used on all exposed tile edges and lines.

what is roof repointing

On older houses pointing is usually cement, which isn’t very flexible and tends to crack easily. On the other hand, modern homes use a flexible pointing compound or mortar that is much better equipped to last in extreme climate conditions (it does, however, still wear slowly over time).

When the pointing is broken, cracked, damaged or simply not working as a sealant, it can lead to leaks and moisture entering your roof structure and home. Water and moisture can lead to structural damage and increase the risk of damage and higher repair bills. So, when asking, “how much does it cost to repoint a roof?” it’s important to note that the costs are significantly less than those involved in structural repairs or roof replacement.

Identifying the Need for Repointing

There are few signs you can look out for to help identify whether or not your roof needs repointing before you start worrying about roof repointing cost.


To start with, older homes generally have a cement pointing unless it has previously been repointed. Homes built in the early 90s or earlier will most likely have cement pointing that is cracked or loose and needs replacing.

Visible gaps and cracks

If there are cracks or gaps in the pointing that you can see, it is time for repointing as they confirm loose pointing that could fall or be an access point for leaks.

A leaky roof

If there are no visible cracks in your pointing but you’ve noticed a roof leak, it’s still an indication that the pointing is damaged and needs inspecting or replacing.

Signs you need to repoint roof

Missing tiles

Missing roof tiles are another good identifying factor of damaged pointing. Repointing could be an easy fix.

Loose mortar or broken tiles found in gutters

Again, this is an indication that something is wrong or damaged.

Roof Repointing Benefits

Roof repointing doesn’t seem like a major repair, so you might think about disregarding the service altogether. However, you’ll come to realise that the benefits of new pointing, greatly outweigh the roof repointing cost. So, what are the benefits?

Improved Safety

Repointing ensures any tiles that where loose are secure. Loose tiles are at risk of falling, sliding underfoot or causing a leak that can lead to the internal structure falling and electrical faults.

Roof restoration

Repointing restores the roof to its original quality, ensuring structural integrity and aesthetics are as new. Not only is it beneficial for safety reasons, but it also restores the look of the roof.

Damage Prevention

Repointing is also vital in preventing more severe damage from occurring to your roof. While a leaking roof is annoying for the occupants, water and moisture also causes more severe damage to a roof structure. In addition, rotting materials and mould can mean further repairs and health problems.

Roof repair savings

Repointing before further damage occurs will save you a lot in roof repair bills. As they say, “prevention is better than cure”. Repointing will prevent future issues from arising and limit any potential repairs down the line.

How Much Does It Cost to Repoint A Roof?

There are a few different factors that go into the roof repointing cost. However, repointing cost per square meter is the general rule that can be applied across roof repointing costs. Most roof repairers will charge between $120 and $170 for your standard repointing service. This is usually an all-inclusive fee that includes setup and cleaning.

Generally, the quote will change depending on the size, shape and material of the roof. For example, a roof with a higher pitch, multiple ridges, limited access or extremely high is a lot harder to repoint and often more dangerous, so quotes will generally be higher.

Roof Repointing costOlder houses with cement pointing might also require a full repointing and re-bedding with modern pointing compounds, which will again increase the cost of the service. However, it is necessary and will be needed at some point and will improve the quality of the roof.

If you receive a quote you think is too low, it might be too good to be true. First, check to make sure the quoter is a fully licensed and insured roofer. Additionally, reviews and recommendations are a great way to gauge a roofer’s service.

Talk to the Roofing Professionals

A roof protects your house and belongings. When it is damaged, it can have serious implications for your investments and safety. Most roofing leaks start with broken, cracked or damaged pointing as it is exposed to the countries extreme weather conditions. Finding out your pointing is damage isn’t the end of the world as it can be easily fixed, and the roof repointing cost is a lot less than other roof repairs that arise from damaged pointing.

We know the different factors go into the roof repointing cost, and we’ve gone over why it’s essential and beneficial. If your roof needs repointing, contact an expert roofing contractor and have a chat to discuss your repointing needs. Here at Vertec Roofing, we are the leading experts in roof repair, roof restoration and roof replacements with over 15 years of experience in the Sydney region.

Vertec Roofing can restore your roof and make your house look as good as new with a simple repointing service that costs a fraction of the price of other roof repairs. In addition, we will ensure any problems you once had with your roof or might potentially encounter will be entirely mitigated and removed, giving you peace of mind in your new and improved home.

Visit our contact form or call us on (02) 8007 4366 for any questions you have about your roofing needs – we’ll get you started with a quote today.


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    Pressure clean and ridghcap repointing my roofing

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    The concrete ridge tiles on my roof (build 1994) are loose and at least 50 percent of the mortar has come out one tile is broken near the ridge. I have both extra ridge tile and ordinary momier tiles. the roof anflr is about 28 degrees and a little to steep for me to do it myself.

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