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How To Stop A Leaking Roof During Heavy Rains

How To Stop A Leaking Roof During Heavy Rains

Wondering how to stop a leaking roof during heavy rains? You’re not alone. The curse of a leaking roof is one that frustrates many homeowners in Australia. Given the dramatic weather changes we regularly experience across the nation, it’s not uncommon for roof leaks to occur as a result of heavy rains and storms. Even with the sturdiest of roofing materials, roof leaks in heavy rains can be unavoidable.

Roof leaks in heavy rain can happen on any site or property; the trick is to address the problem head-on. If your roof leaks in heavy rain, it is absolutely crucial that you deal with the leaks quickly to avoid greater damage to the roofing, walls and entire property. The sooner you can stop a leaking roof during or after heavy rains; the less risk water damage poses as a threat to your residential or commercial site.

Is Your Ceiling Leaking After Rain?

So, is your ceiling leaking after rain? Or are you wondering how to stop a leaking roof during heavy rains? You’ve come to the right place. Sydney’s leading roofing experts, Vertec Roofing, can provide qualified and experienced advice on protecting your home from roof leaks in heavy rain.

When your ceiling starts leaking after rain, you know you’re in trouble. It means that water from heavy rainfall has infiltrated your roofing system and now poses a threat to the entire roofing cavity. There are many causes for a leaking roof during heavy rainfall, whether it be an aged roof, holes in the roof or overflowing gutters. However, a leaking roof can simply occur because of heavy rainfall putting too much pressure on the roofing materials.

Thankfully, there are a number of steps that you can take to stop a leaking roof from irreversibly damaging your property. First of all, your first actionable step should be to call in a leaking roof repair expert. Now, before we move on how to stop a leaking roof during heavy rains, it’s essential to know the signs that you may be experiencing roof leaks in heavy rains.

Signs of Roof Leaks in Heavy Rain

If your roof is leaking during or after heavy rainfall, you’ll probably know about it. However, roof leaks can be detrimental to the structure of a property if not identified and addressed early on. For this reason, it’s a good idea to be aware of the signs your roof may be leaking or suffering from roof leaks. The main signs of roof leaks in heavy rain include:

Signs of roof leaks from heavy rain
·      Your ceiling is leaking
·      Water is dripping from the roof or walls
·      Walls are covered in water streaks
·      Water stains on the ceiling
·      Mould developing
·      Roof shingles are buckling, curled or cracked
·      Roofing materials are missing
·      Gutters are overflowing
·      Sinking spot in roofing materials
·      There’s a hole in your roof
·      You can hear dripping in roofing cavity
·      Wood rotting
·      Damp smell

How To Stop A Roof Leak in the Rain

If your roof starts to leak during heavy rain, putting a stop to the leak while it is still raining can be challenging. The best way to stop a roof leak in the rain is to immediately call a team of roofing professionals to see how soon they can come out and make the necessary repairs.

From there, there are four main steps that you can take to prevent a major roof leak from damaging your property:how to stop a leaking roof during heavy rains infographic

1. Try to Contain the Water

Whether it be means of a bucket or some sort of container, position the impromptu water catcher directly underneath any present leaks. If the leak is very heavy, make sure you have a second bucket on hand to switch in when the first one needs to be emptied.

2. Soak Up Any Water

Soak up as much of the water as possible, using old towels or mops. Circulating air with a fan within a space can also help to dry the area out and prevent mould from developing.

3. Attempt to Identify Leak

If you can, attempt to find the source of the leak. Whether you can access the roof cavity from an attic, or the rain has stopped enough to have a look from outside, safely identifying the reason your roof is leaking will save your repairs contractor significant time and labour.

4. Call in A Roofing Contractor

When it comes down to it, you’re going to need a professional roofer to come in and make the necessary repairs to stop a roof leak permanently. The above steps are only short-term solutions while you either wait for the rain to stop or for a leaking roof repair contractor to come out to your property.

As soon as you notice a leak in your roof, call in a team of roofing repairs contractors to identify the source of the leak and make the required repairs. A professional roofer will also provide expert advice on roof leak prevention and maintenance that you can implement to avoid roof leaks in the future.

My Roof Leaks When It Rains. What Should I Do?

If you’re reading this while thinking “My roof leaks when it rains”, you need to do something about it as swiftly as possible and call in the professionals. Vertec Roofing are Sydney’s leading experts when it comes to leaking roof repairs and repairing the damage created from leaks during heavy rainfall. Repairing Sydney roofs for more than 15 years, the Vertec team of roofing contractors can service, repair, fix and prevent all types of leaking roofs.

When your roof has sprung a leak during heavy rainfall, quick fixes will only provide a short-term solution. If your roof has started to leak during a storm, chances are, roofing materials are now damaged and weakened, and will require professional repair.

Vertec Roofing can provide you with comprehensive repair, professional advice, and exceptional craftsmanship to hinder your roof from becoming compromised in the future. Over the years, we have worked with our fair share of pesky roof repair projects; big and small. We’ve fine-tuned our skills to efficiently and effectively detect roof leaks, repair the source of the leak and prevent the leak from reoccurring. If you’re dealing with a roof leak after heavy rainfall, speak to one of our roofing experts at Vertec Roofing today to discuss a roofing solution tailored to your property.

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