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How to Prevent Rodents in Your Roof

How to Prevent Rodents in Your Roof

It’s no secret that Australian homes are prone to attract mice or rats. If you live in a leafy area, you may be prone to possums living in your roof, or if you live in a cool climate, you may be familiar with finding tiny mice droppings inside in winter. Generally, these rodents can access homes through the roof. The good news, however, is that you can prevent rodents in your roof.

As Sydney’s leading roofers, we know a few things about rodents in the roof, and how to keep your roof safe from unwanted visitors.  Within this blog, we’ve outlined how to prevent & get rid of rodents like rats, mice, and possums in your roof.

Tips on how to prevent rodents in your roof

The best way to get rid of rodents in your roof? Prevention. Here are six tips for preventing rodents in the roof:

1. Remove any holes or gaps in your roof

Avoiding any entry is the best approach to prevent rats, mice, or other rodents from living and coming into your roof. Ensure that all visible openings in the ceiling are closed or sealed – something that your local roofer can assist you with. Be wary of DIY patch jobs or ‘quick fixes’ to prevent rodents – not having the correct equipment and supplies may cause damage to your roof.

2. Clean up shrubbery surrounding your roof

Furthermore, you can prevent rodents from entering your roof by removing any overhanging branches, plants, or growth that has formed near your house or roof. Rodents are climbers – hanging branches or shrubbery can assist them in climbing on and into your roofing materials.

3. Check all leaking pipes

Leaking pipes not only cause damage to your roof but can also provide opportunities for rats and mice to enter your roof and home. Check for leaking pipes regularly.

4. Clean your roof

Additionally, regular roof cleaning is an effective method for keeping away rodents. Make sure to remove any leaves and debris that accumulate on the tiles, the gutter, and the areas around your roof. A roof cleaning professional can help you with this.

5. Regular roof inspections

Be sure to contact your local roofer for regular inspections. A professional can provide accurate assessments, point out any vulnerable spots, and provide expert advice on keeping your roof in the best condition.

6. Look for traces of rodents

If you suspect there are rodents in the roof, keep an eye out for any signs around the house. Signs include gnawing marks in the insulation or other parts of the roof, as well as droppings or food residue from rats, mice, or possums.

Tips on how to Prevent Rodents in Your Roof Infographic

How to get rid of rodents in the roof

If rodents like rats, mice or possums, have already nested in the roof, it’s clear that prevention is not what’s going to help you out here. It is crucial to get rid of rodents in your roof, as they may damage roofing materials, electrical wires, or plumbing infrastructure. Not to mention they can stain walls, ceilings, and other areas of your house.

As we’re a roofing company and not a pest control company, we cannot provide professional advice on how to get rid of rodents in your roof. Our advice is to get them out as quickly as possible, whether it be through natural methods, or calling in a pest control company.

How to Prevent Rodents in Your Roof Infographic

Final thoughts

Rodents like rats, mice, and possums nesting in your roof will inevitably cause damage to your roofing materials, home, and overall property. Prevention is always better than cure – our best advice for rodents in the roof is to ensure that you have a number of prevention methods in place to avoid rodents from entering your home in the first place.

If you would like to organise a roof inspection, cleaning, or maintenance to prevent rodents in your roof, get in touch with Vertec Roofing today. As Sydney’s leading roofing company, we can ensure your roof is in tip-top shape. In the case of damage to your roof caused by rats, mice, or possums, get in touch with our team and we’ll provide expert repairs and restoration – we’ve got you and your roof covered.


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