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How Much Does Tile Roof Repair Cost?

A tiled roof offers that quintessentially Australian appeal to any home. Durable, long-lasting and low maintenance, millions of Australian homes have been constructed with some form of tiled roofing materials over the years. Whether you live in a coastal area, a rural and rugged region, or within the inner suburbs of Sydney, there’s still so much to be said for sturdy, tiled roofing.

Tiled roofing can last as long as 50 years if well looked after. However, this means regularly maintaining roof tiles and having minor repairs fixed promptly to avoid further long-term damage. While tiled roofs are very durable, tiles can become damaged in many ways. Whether it be from the ravages of heavy rainfall, strong winds or natural ageing, tiled roofing can easily become susceptible to damage or deterioration.

Once your tiled roof becomes damaged, you need to move to have it repaired quickly. Tiled roofs that are broken, missing pieces or have deteriorated leave exposed areas for water and moisture to infiltrate the roof cavity and the interiors of a house. When water gets inside the roof cavity, your house will experience problems with moisture damage, rotting, mould, mildew and ceiling damage. It is absolutely imperative that you have your damaged tiled roof repaired as soon as possible.

So, now that you know how important it is to have your roof tiles repaired swiftly, how much does tile roof repair cost in Sydney?


How much does tile roof repair cost will depend on a number of factors? Firstly, costs will vary from roofing company to roofing company. Various companies may charge different rates for roof tile repairs and replacements. However, this should not dissuade you from relying on a qualified roofing contractor – relying on a professional means relying on someone who has the experience, training and skill to get the repair jobs completed properly the first time around. Other factors influencing tile roof repair costs include:


factors influencing the cost of tile roof repair


Tile roof repair costs will mostly come down to the severity of damage to the tiles. Are tiles missing, broken, deteriorating or need replacing? The extent of damage will play a massive role in how much repair jobs will cost. If there are just some minor cracks, roof repair costs will be significantly lower than broken roof tile cost repairs that involve tile replacement. If you need many tiles replaced, the cost to retile a roof will be much higher than if you just need some minor patch up jobs.

One of the first things a qualified roofing company like Vertec Roofing will do is assess the damage on the roof. Once the severity of damage has been determined, they will be able to work out the best possible method for the repair job. Some tile repairs may require tile replacements, and depending on what has caused the damage, with others, a simple patch-up job will suffice.

The most common roof tile repairs and replacements are cracked tiles, gaps in tiled roofs, leaking tile roof repairs, bedding and pointing repairs and replacing tiles that have not been adequately maintained. While every roof is susceptible to damage and ageing, it’s essential to regularly clean, inspect and maintain your roofing tiles to avoid preventable tile roof repairs.


Another huge factor to consider is the type of tile roof that needs repairing. Throughout Australia, there are several different types of tile roofing materials that are commonly used for domestic and commercial properties. Many of these materials may be cheaper to replace, and others will be less expensive to repair. Whether your home was constructed with terracotta, slate, concrete, asphalt or another tiling material, this will influence how much does tile roof repair cost.

Generally speaking, concrete tiles are the least expensive tiles, followed by slate and terracotta, which can vary in price depending on the severity of damage and how much tiling needs repairing or replacing. Depending on the scope of the project, the cost to re-tile a roof will naturally be higher with materials that come at a higher price.

different types of roof tiling


Concrete tiles are a popular choice for many commercial and domestic properties because of their durability and ability to mirror the appearance of other tiled materials. Many are attracted to the concept of tiled roofing but are put off by the high installation and material costs. Concrete tile roofs provide a solution that offers the appearance of traditional tiles, without the high price tags.

Concrete tile roof repair costs are relatively low when compared to traditional tile materials. Generally speaking, concrete tiles are low maintenance, durable and require very little work throughout the life of a roof. If areas of a concrete roof do become damaged, it’s a relatively straightforward repair job involving replacing a few tiles. For this reason, concrete tile roof repair costs come at a much lower price than say terracotta, slate and other roof tile materials. The average cost for concrete roof tiles is $52 per square meter – however, this can vary and does not include labour and repair costs.


Clay tiles are commonly used for roofing materials as they are naturally manufactured, visually appealing, and relatively durable and long-lasting. The traditional style and heat-resistance of terracotta and clay tile roofing mean that they are an Australian favourite for residential properties. Clay tiles are produced by baking moulded clay. The density of the clay is determined by the length of time and temperature at which it is heated.

Clay tiles are more expensive than concrete and most other roofing tile materials. While very durable and resistant to harsh weather conditions, clay tile roofs are still susceptible to damage and will require repairs throughout a roof’s life. Clay tile roof repair costs will naturally come at a higher price than concrete because of the material’s inflated costs. The average cost for clay roof tiles is $104 per square meter – however, this can vary and does not include labour and repair costs.


How much does tile roof repair cost will also depend on where you are located. For example, the cost to retile a roof is higher in Sydney than in regional or rural areas. If you need tile roof repairs, you should always talk to a roofing professional who is willing to inspect your roof damage before providing you with a quote. It is very difficult to provide a price bracket without first assessing the scope of damage and understanding the repair work that is required.

Vertec Roofing are the leading experts in roof tile repairs in Sydney. Repairing tiled roofing in Sydney for more than 15 years, Vertec have the experience, skill and industry knowledge to repair every type of tiled roof and ensure the problem does not reoccur. When you work with Vertec, we will begin our repair job with a full inspection of your roof and a face to face consultation to work out the best roofing solution for your tiling materials and your budget.

At Vertec Roofing, we understand the importance of a healthy, reliable roofing system. That’s why we’re committed to helping our Sydney customers find the best possible roofing solution. We’ll take the time to understand your roofing needs and make the necessary repairs; getting it right the first time around. Still wondering “how much does tile roof repair cost?” Get in touch with our friendly team to get a free, no-obligation consultation for your roof.

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