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Gutter Replacement Cost

Gutter replacement is one of the many eventualities of owning a home. Guttering will naturally deteriorate over the years, typically lasting between 15 and 20 years, depending on the location and the amount of roofing maintenance the gutters receive.

Nevertheless, replacing gutters once the materials have run their course is critical to maintaining the structural integrity of a house. Neglecting guttering replacement can lead to enormous drainage failure and damaged house foundation. So, if you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering: how much are gutter replacement costs for a house?

Gutter replacement prices can vary from affordable to expensive, as costs will be reliant on the materials chosen and the amount of work required by gutter installers. This article will break down when you should replace your gutters, what’s involved in gutter replacement, and the factors that influence gutter replacement costs.


If you regularly clean out your gutters and generally keep them well maintained, your guttering system can last up to 20 years without replacement. As is the way with most house maintenance, the longer you neglect basic maintenance, the sooner you end up with old or damaged gutters.

If your gutters have not been repaired or replaced in the last ten years, it’s essential to take the time to check your gutters for any damage. Here are some signs that it’s time to replace your gutter system.

signs that your gutter needs replacement or reguttering
  • Cracks in the guttering
  • Signs of rust or erosion
  • Peeling gutter paint
  • Fascia board rotting or damaged from moisture
  • Mould & mildew growth
  • Dirt, leaf, debris build-up
  • Water pooling in gutters
  • Seams are coming apart, gutters sagging or separating from the roof
  • Reoccurring leaks or flood problems

A constant flow of excess rainwater needs to drain sufficiently. If gutters cannot perform adequate drainage, the foundation, exteriors, and interiors can suffer water damage. Roof leaks, material rot, mouldy ceilings, and damaged walls are all common consequences of failing gutters. If you suspect your home requires new gutters, it’s probably time for a replacement.


Guttering plays a crucial role in the function of your roof and the drainage system required to keep your house and foundations safe. Replacing gutters goes beyond patching up and repairing decayed areas of the gutter system. Re-guttering is a process of assessment, safe removal, fascia replacements, professional measurement and careful installation.

Calling a professional for guttering and gutter replacement is critical to the correct installation. Gutters need to be correctly measured, cut and fit in accordance with building authority legislations. It’s for this very reason that all gutter replacement solutions should involve licensed roofing or roof plumbing specialists who are experienced and trained in guttering installation standards.


The costs of gutter replacement or gutter installation will vary from state, and contractor, and will generally depend on several elements. Factors influencing the costs of gutter replacement include:

factors determining the gutter replacement cost


There are several different guttering materials to choose from when replacing or installing new gutters. The gutter material you choose should also take into consideration the style and type of roofing material your house has. The most common types of gutter materials are vinyl guttering, aluminium guttering, stainless steel guttering, and copper guttering. The materials used will have the most influence on gutter replacement cost.


Vinyl gutters and downspouts are the most affordable option for those who do not live in a climate that experiences harsh weather conditions. They are lightweight, affordable, and relatively easy to maintain.


The most common guttering material is aluminium, as the material is still relatively affordable and light. Aluminium is easy to work with, lightweight, however, can incur more damage over time than other materials. For this reason, aluminium gutters tend to require premature repairs or replacements compared to more durable materials.


Typically more expensive than aluminium, stainless steel guttering and downspouts provide the same level of function, with the added benefits of increased durability and longevity. Steel is more robust and heavier than aluminium and will withstand more extreme weather conditions.


Copper guttering tends to be more expensive than other materials as the metal holds more value. Mostly popular for aesthetic purposes, copper guttering provides effective drainage for guttering and is very durable.


Another vital cost factor for gutter replacement is the length of guttering required. A guttering replacement will generally be more expensive with bigger houses, with many businesses charging a per-meter rate. The longer the guttering is, and the longer it takes to install, the more expensive the gutter installation will be.


Gutter replacement cost may inflate if the gutter area is difficult or dangerous to access. If contractors require scaffolding or extra materials to reach the roof, then they may charge more for guttering installation. This is also applicable for houses with multiple stories – if the accessing the gutters is more complicated than the average home, gutter installation prices may increases.


There are several different guttering materials to choose from when replacing or installing new gutters. The gutter material you choose should also take into consideration the style and type of roofing material your house has. The most common types of gutter materials are vinyl guttering, aluminium guttering, stainless steel guttering, and copper guttering. The materials used will have the most influence on gutter replacement cost.

what's involved in reguttering a roof

You can expect to pay more for additional accessories, such as splash blocks, drains, flashings, gutter guards, and hangers.

Splash blocks

Splash blocks are small parts made of plastic or concrete that help to channel the water away from the foundations of a house. Positioned at the end of the downspout, splash bocks direct water to a designated area. These small parts may increase the gutter installation price.


Gutter flashing provides waterproofing that supports water diversion from the roof’s fascia and into the gutter itself. A thin, rectangular strip, gutter flashing can increase gutter efficiency and prevent roof water damage. Initial gutter replacement cost may not include additional flashing installation or replacement.

Gutter Guards

Installing gutter guards can make gutter installation more expensive, as it will involve materials per linear foot. These guards prevent leaves, dirt, and debris from creating a blockage in the gutter system. High-quality guards are resistant to rust and erosion, making them an ideal addition to a gutter replacement project.


Hangers provide additional support to guttering systems. Generally used in areas where climate includes snow or ice, hangers aren’t necessary for Australian homes with adequate fascia boarding. However, homeowners may decide to additionally install hangers which can further increase the costs of professional guttering projects.

Prior to gutter replacement or installation, the fascia will also undergo inspection and if damaged, will require replacing. This can influence the service costs.


The costs of replacing gutters really depend on the factors above; in particular, the materials used to replace the gutters. For the purpose of providing an average gutter replacement costs price bracket, here are some average prices per linear foot for common guttering materials:

Vinyl approximate costs: $3 to $5 per linear foot

Aluminium approximate costs: $6 to $12 per linear foot

Steel approximate costs: $9 to $20 per linear foot

Copper approximate costs: $25 to $50 per linear foot

Note that these prices are purely estimates on the materials – these costs do not accurately represent the price of gutter replacement and do not consider labour costs.


Gutters and downspouts are crucial in helping preserve the foundations and walls of a home. The downspouts carry the water from the guttering away from the house, protecting the foundation and preventing flooding. When you purchase and install new guttering, you’ll also need to buy downspouts, which need to sit approximately every 10 meters. In terms of downspout costs, you can expect to pay different prices depending on the downspout materials. Average downspout material costs include:

Vinyl approximate cost: $5 to $8 per foot

Aluminium approximate cost: $5 to $8 per foot

Steel approximate cost: $9 to $12 per foot

Copper approximate cost: $17 to $20 per foot


One of the most significant influences of gutter replacement cost is guttering installers and their professional labour and work required. The amount of work needed to complete the job will have a considerable impact on re-guttering costs. The best way to get an accurate idea of the cost to replace gutters is to collect quotes from prospective roofing companies. A reliable roofing company will come and assess the site before providing any concrete quotes. Don’t risk an inexperienced handyman or DIY guttering – working with a reputable company in the first place means saving money on dodgy work repairs down the line.

Guttering plays an essential role in defence of your roofing system and house structure. Without gutters, your house would suffer extreme moisture damage every winter. Replacing your gutters may seem to have an expensive estimated cost when you take the materials, additional parts, and labour costs into consideration. At the end of the day, guttering replacement costs are very reasonable when you consider their role in keeping your home safe.

Vertec Roofing uses only the best suppliers for our gutters, fascia, and roofing materials for gutter replacement and installation. We provide each client that requires gutter replacement with affordable and high-quality solutions that are long-lasting. If you have a guttering project get in touch with the team at Vertec Roofing today for an inspection.

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