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How Much Does It Cost to Reshingle a Roof?

How much does it cost to reshingle a roof? It’s a good question – one that we’re going to answer comprehensively within this article.

Vertec Roofing is Sydney and Canberra’s leading roof repair company. As the experts in replacingrepairing, and restoring roofs across NSW and the ACT, we understand roofing materials like no one else in the industry. We’ve worked on roofs of all shapes and sizes – from commercial properties to residential homes; reshingling a roof is a core competency that our roofing team are well acquainted with.

Reshingling or replacing shingles on your roof is a necessary process that will provide structural protection while also reinvigorating the aesthetics of an ageing or damaged roof. Within this article, we’re going to break down how much you can expect to pay, the factors that influence the cost to reshingle a house and how you can find the right roofer to replace your roof shingles without charging you an arm and a leg.


The cost to reshingle a house or roof will vary, depending on a myriad of factors. The average cost to replace roof shingles or replace a roof will be between $6,000 and $60,000 – depending on the type of shingles, the replacement method, the type of property (commercial or residential) and the location of the building.

how much does it cost to reshingle a roof


There are many reasons for needing to replace the shingles on your roof. For many, the decision to replace their roofing shingles is made easy because their roof has either become severely damaged or deteriorated. The ageing process of a roof is generally the most significant determinant for needing a roof replacement. Other reasons that you may need to consider reshingling your roof include:

Your Roof is Ageing

How old is your roof? Older roofs that are ageing or deteriorating are the prime candidates for a roof replacement or reshingle project. Depending on the current state of your roof and roofing materials, an ageing roof may require the roofers to either remove the existing materials and start from scratch or replace shingles over the top of existing, older shingles.

Extreme Weather Damage

Many of the houses that require reshingling have suffered damage from extreme weather events. While we’re relatively weather-wise in Sydney, there are instances where a storm or extreme winds can seriously damage roof shingles beyond repair.

Severe Leaks Exposed

If there is more than one leak in your roof, it may be worth reshingling your roof rather than continuously repairing the roofing materials. Particularly for homeowners who continually call in roofers to repair leaks, reshingling the roof is a long-term solution that will breathe new life into the roof’s structure.

Improving the Aesthetics of Your Home

Many decide to reshingle their roof purely because they’re ready to make a change to the appearance of their home.


1. The Process

Does the roof need to be removed before it is reshingled? Or will the roofing team simply place shingles over the top? This can impact costs as there will be more labour involved in the former.

2. Shingle Type

How much does it cost to reshingle a roof? That depends on the roofing materials chosen—more on that below.

3. Roof Accessibility

How hard is it going to be for roofers to access the roof? If access is limited, this can impact the average cost to replace roof shingles.


As mentioned above, the type of roof shingle you choose to use will be a major influencing factor in the cost to reshingle a roof. Let’s break down each shingle roofing material and how much you can expect to pay per square metre:

average cost to reshingle roof

Who Can Replace the Shingles on My Home?

Understanding the average cost to reshingle a house may help you decide what your next roofing project will be. However, it can be difficult to gauge how much you’re going to have to fork out for your personal roof without talking to a qualified professional.

Here at Vertec Roofing, we offer free, no-obligation quotes to all properties across Sydney and Canberra. After having a better look at your current roofing materials, understanding what you’re looking to achieve, we can provide a comprehensive quote for the entire job. If you’re looking for an experienced, qualified, and knowledgeable roofing team that you can trust, get in touch with Vertec Roofing today on (02) 8007 4366.

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