How Much Does It Cost to Clean a Roof

How Much Does It Cost to Clean a Roof?

The cost of roof cleaning services in Australia ranges from $50-per hour to $80-per hour depending on your location and the accessibility of your roof.

Generally speaking, roofing structures that are easier to access and clean will attract a lower hourly rate as less resources are required to complete the job.

To many, roof cleaning may seem like a task that can be completed every now and then by a homeowner or property owner. But did you know that regular professional roof cleaning can actually extend the longevity of a roof and keep it performing better, for longer?

Professional roof cleaning is an essential service that significantly improves the quality and the appeal of a roofing structure. The roof over your property is continuously exposed to the elements, dirt, leaves and debris every single day. If you don’t invest the time and money into caring for your roof, it’s structural integrity, and life span will steadily decline. So, how much does it cost to clean a roof? Are professional roof cleaning services worth it?


Houses and buildings are regularly exposed to harsh exterior elements like pollution, road dust, wind, rain, saltwater and storms. The moisture of these elements that stick on the roof becomes a breeding ground for mould, mildew, moss, lichen, algae and other bacteria. Over time, the elements in combination with moisture build-up can form cracks, leaks, and holes in a roofing structure.

when it's time to clean your roof

This unsupervised growth of bacteria and debris build-up is the number one cause of broken roofing materials and roof leaks. The best way to avoid these elements damaging your roof is to have your roof regularly cleaned to maintain the condition of the roofing materials, while simultaneously keeping your roof looking its very best.

Roofing materials are designed to withstand the elements, provide structural integrity, and protect the interiors of a home or commercial property. However, even the sturdiest of roofing structures will suffer from inevitable vulnerabilities and need regular maintenance. While your roof may not require frequent repairs, regular professional roof cleaning is the best possible route to keeping your roof safe from vulnerabilities.


Having your roof professionally cleaned is a form of preventative maintenance. While roof cleaning costs may seem like just another unnecessary household expense, preventative roof cleaning will actually end up saving you money in roof repair costs.

Neglecting your roof for long periods of time will eventually result in the need for roof repairs, restorations, or even rebuilds. Professional roof cleaning prevents moisture, bacteria and debris from building up and potentially damaging vulnerable areas of a roofing system. The more frequently you have your roof inspected and professionally cleaned, the less likely you are to have to deal with pesky roof leaks and expensive roof repairs.


There are two main ways to clean a roof. One method relies on chemical or natural, high-quality cleaning products to give a roof a “soft wash” and chemically remove the bacteria build-up on the roof. The alternative method is using a high-pressure cleaner to clean the roofing materials.

Most roofing materials will benefit more from a soft wash, as high-pressure cleaning can often be too harsh for older or vulnerable roofs. However, a professional roofing company offering high-pressure cleaning services will have the skills and experience to use just the right amount of pressure to any type of roof, to avoid the machine damaging the roofing materials.


The question of “how much does it cost to clean a roof?” is a difficult one to answer without getting into specifics. There is no set price for how much does it cost to have your roof cleaned, as a simple design in good condition will naturally be easier to clean than an intricate design that has suffered years of neglect. Generally, the more labour required, the more it will cost to have your roof cleaned.

In terms of costs – specifically, how much to clean a roof, it really depends on a number of factors. Firstly, how much does it cost to have a roof cleaned will depend on the location of the property. Different states charge different rates for roof cleaning costs. To give you a rough guide, roof cleaning services can be the most expensive in New South Wales with rates as high as $80 per hour. In Queensland, the rates are approximately $50 per hour, Western Australia $38 per hour, and Victoria around $50 per hour.


factors that determine the cost of roof cleaning


Your roofing materials will be a large determining factor for how much to clean a roof. The roofing company will take a look at the type of roof you have and use that to determine a quote. Metal and concrete roofing materials are relatively easy and less expensive to clean than say, terracotta or clay tiles. Terracotta roofs tend to get more algae and moss build-up, are more challenging to clean, and the cleaning professionals have to be very careful on terracotta roofing.


The design of the roof will also heavily influence the costs involved for how much does it cost to have a roof cleaned. Roofs with more complicated sloping and design will cost more than simple flat roofs. Additionally, larger roofs will also naturally cost more to clean than smaller single-level roofs. If you’re wondering “how much does it cost to have a roof cleaned?” you first need to consider the size and design of your roof and how much surface area is involved.


When considering a roof cleaning project, professional roof cleaners will take a look at the overall work involved. The scope of the project means considerations like how accessible the roof is, the current condition the roof is in, and how much labour is required. The condition of the roofing materials will be one of the most important factors when determining how much to clean a roof. If a roof is relatively clean and undergoes regular maintenance, it will cost less to clean than a roof that is suffering from extensive moss or algae growth and has been neglected.


How much to pressure clean a roof will also depend on the above factors that determine roof cleaning costs. When performing roof pressure clean work, the roofing contractors will need to be fully harnessed to ensure their safety. Pressure cleaning is only recommended for certain roofing materials, so rather than using price to determine how you want your roof cleaned, it’s best to get the advice from a roofing professional. Instead of asking “how much to pressure clean a roof?”, the best course of action is to work out whether or not your roofing materials can withstand professional pressure cleaning first.


How much to clean a roof will also depend heavily on the company you choose to work with. Here at Vertec Roofing, we are committed to providing affordable roof cleaning services without compromising on the quality of work. With over 15 years of experience working on Sydney’s roofs, we offer roof cleaning services that leave your roof looking better than ever before.

Still questioning “how much does it cost to have your roof cleaned?”, it’s best that you engage with a team like Vertec Roofing to discuss the scope of your roof cleaning job to get an accurate price. If you’d like to discuss your next roof cleaning project, get in touch with Vertec Roofing today for a quote.

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  4. Regular roof cleaning is more than just cosmetic – it’s an investment in the longevity of your home. The cost varies, but the benefits are clear. Beyond aesthetic appeal, professional cleaning protects against elements like moss and algae, preventing structural damage and leaks. Neglecting your roof can compromise its integrity over time. A small investment in regular cleaning now can save you from costly repairs down the road. How often do you prioritize your roof’s maintenance?

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