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10 Most Common Roof Repairs in Sydney

10 Most Common Roof Repairs in Sydney

The most common roof repairs in Sydney are largely consistent across a range of homes and suburbs. Irrespective of your postcode or roof type, Sydney’s changeable climate can be extremely weathering on your roof. Even well-built and structurally sound roofs require regular maintenance and check-ups to ensure they’re withstanding the changeable Aussie weather conditions. In order to keep your roof in top condition to bear the brunt of the weather, you should have your roof regularly inspected.

There are plenty of common trouble spots on a roof, especially in extreme weather conditions. Roofs are also subject to deterioration from age and damage from other exteriors. As stated above, it’s best to leave the inspections to the professionals. However, as a homeowner, it’s not a bad idea to become acquainted with the problem areas commonly faced in roofing. When identified and managed early on, you can prevent roofing issues from becoming larger repairs.

Drawing on more than 15 years of experience in the Sydney region, here are the 10 most common roof repairs in Sydney.

common roof repairs in sydney infographic1. Moisture and Roof Leaks

One of the most damaging weather elements for roofing is rain. Rain is the catalyst for a range of roofing problems, and without adequate drainage structure, can cause major leaks. The water can also result in moisture forming under the layers of roofing, leading to mould and slow leaks. Flashing is the metal layer placed over junctions and between roofing structures and building construction. It deflects the water away and protects the house by forming a barrier from water. It’s also used for pipes, supports, cables and vents. However, when the flashing isn’t sealed or attached properly, leaks are likely to occur.


2. Loose Roof Fixings

Because of the vast difference in scorching and then cool temperatures in Sydney throughout the year, metal roofing expands and shrinks, resulting in movement occurring. Movement causes roofing fixings to become loose or dislodged. On tiled roofs, the edges of the tiles can become loose and cracked over time. When they are damaged, they should be assessed professionally and then either repaired or replaced to prevent moisture from getting into the house.


3. Moss Growth

Moss tends to grow on older, terracotta roofing tiles. Although it might add to the overall charm of an older house, it can be a potential moisture problem for the roof. It also makes the tiles really slippery, so if you’re doing any gutter cleaning or roof inspection, be sure to avoid walking on tiles with moss growth.


4. Deteriorating Gutters

When debris, leaves, dirt and other objects are not cleared out of guttering, it creates acidic moisture build-up and leads to both water overflow and rust. When the water overflows from the guttering, it can easily cause nasty leaks to ceilings inside the house. When rust forms, the guttering becomes fragile and easily broken. When the guttering systems break, the entire drainage system fails.

Strong winds and heavy rain can cause guttering to loosen and break from their fittings. If the gutters are clogged up with leaves and debris, they are likely to become heavy and sag, detaching from the house. Loose, detached or missing gutters are really common and can lead to costly roof repairs. The overflow of water that is no longer being drained through the gutters can find its way into your home through a leak or can potentially damage the landscaping of your home. Gutter cleaning and maintenance is the key to ensuring you’re not putting your entire roof at risk.


5. Poor Workmanship

If there has been poor workmanship or faulty installation of parts of your roof, it is likely to lead to roof complications. It’s hard to visually detect poor workmanship, however with a professional inspection of the roof, it will be identified. Make sure to always choose reliable roofing professionals that you can entrust with your roofing. This will help prevent structural failure and premature ageing of your roof.


6. Pooling Water

When water begins to pool or settle on your roof, it is ponding. This is a clear indication of a roofing problem that requires further investigation. When these little ponds appear, they create an unnecessary load on that area of roofing that can be quite damaging as they cause sagging.

Roofing should always be on a slight angle, to ensure drainage of water. If there are spots were water is ponding it is likely to be a problem from air conditioning units overflowing, roof frame shrinking, or someone may have stepped on the roof and damaged it, creating a hollow.


7. Blistering

Blistering occurs when the surface of the roof erodes, and little bubbles form due to improperly installed or maintained roofing. While these blisters aren’t causing immediate damage to your roof, over time they can pave the path for larger roofing issues. Blistering is one of the most common roof repairs faced by those living in warm climates in Northern and Central Australia.


8. Roof Membrane Weathering

Roofing membrane is likely to face some wear and tear with age. However, when it becomes wrinkled, it will eventually become and brittle and crack. This will result in significant roof failure and some nasty leaking problems if it rains. Regular visual inspection can assist in reducing roof repair expenses down the line. After heavy periods of rain or extreme heat, it’s a good idea to cast an eye over your roof membrane to inspect for any changes.


9. Improper Repairs

One of the worst mistakes a homeowner can make with their roof is to try and repair the problem themselves without any information on how to do so. Using products and materials that are not intended for use on specific roof types or formations will likely result in irreversible damage to the roof. Far and away the most common roof problem in Sydney is improper repairs and maintenance.

It’s essential to utilise the knowledge and experience of a professional for roofing repairs. It might be tempting to save some money by engaging in “DIY” repairs, however, you’ll only end up causing more damages and trouble for your roof.


10. Lack of Maintenance

The most common roof repairs in Sydney can easily be addressed and prevented with regular routine roofing inspection and maintenance. visual inspections, keeping overhanging branches at bay, cleaning the gutters and maintaining your skylight are all ways to provide preventative general maintenance to your roof. Maintenance is the key to avoiding having to deal with roofing issues.

The most common roof repairs in Sydney are rarely detected without a proper inspection. And let’s face it, not too many homeowners are climbing up onto their roofs to check for potential damage. Roofing can also be difficult and dangerous to access, and if you’re not sure what you’re looking for, pointless. The key to keeping your house safe from the damages of roofing is regular roof inspections. If you do suspect a roofing issue, call a specialist to come and take a look at it rather than risk further damaging your roof or injuring yourself.


Vertec Roofing is the Sydney Roof Repair and maintenance experts. We pride ourselves on our knowledge, experience, and quality of roofing work. We specialise in every aspect of roof work with over 15 years in the industry. From small, pesky leak detection and repairs, to complete roof restorations, we’re here to do it all.


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    What are the most common roof repairs in Sydney that homeowners should be aware of, and how does the city’s changeable climate contribute to the wear and tear on roofs across different suburbs? Why is regular roof maintenance and inspections emphasized, even for well-built roofs, to ensure they withstand the unpredictable weather conditions in Sydney?

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