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Vertec Roofing are the leading experts when it comes to roof repairs and maintenance. With over 15 years of experience working on Sydney roofs, Vertec are also thoroughly experienced in strata roof maintenance Sydney.

At Vertec, we believe the key to prolonging a roof and preventing costly restorations is regular maintenance and roof repairs. Our team are highly skilled in all areas of roof tile and metal maintenance and repairs for strata properties. Take care of your strata managed properties by working with an experienced roofing team that offer regular maintenance and care.

Our experience has earnt our business an exceptional reputation working with Sydney strata managers, with both our seasonal services and roof repair services. We can fix, repair, replace or clean roofs for any sized commercial and strata property and can offer ongoing regular maintenance service to prevent future hefty roof repairs.



When it comes to property maintenance in Sydney, Vertec Roofing are the leading specialists. Vertec have an excellent track record of working with Sydney’s strata managers, attending to each site as if it were one of our own properties.

Every property is entirely different. We want to ensure all of our clients receive the quality roof repairs they require for their strata properties, so we take care to conduct comprehensive assessments prior to every project.

Vertec Roofing’s services cover storm damage repairs, general repairs or replacements, upgrades, installations and maintenance. We can provide all Strata managers with fast turnaround and highly professional roofing services throughout the greater Sydney metropolitan area.

Our team of highly skilled tradesmen are expertly trained in leak assessment and roof leak repairs, with experience with every roof type imaginable. We understand the needs of a strata manager and work to ensure all of them are promptly addressed. Our Strata Roof Maintenance services include, but are not limited to:

Seasonal Roof Maintenance
Gutter Cleaning
Leaf Guard/ Screeners
Re-bed and Point
Roof Leaks and Repairs
Cracked or Broken Tiles and Capping
Metal Roof Repairs

Many strata managers choose to neglect essential roof maintenance and will only take notice when problems present. For example, a build-up of algae, moss, and other debris can significantly compromise the ability for a roof to perform well. If a leak is sprung, this can lead to substantial water damage to the roofing structure before presenting in someone’s home. The key to avoiding expensive roof repairs down the line is taking care to implement basic roof maintenance today.

Roof repairs on large properties can also start to add up very quickly if the problem is not addressed head-on by a professional. If the property roof is experiencing minor damages, we recommend calling our team right away so we can quickly develop a comprehensive roofing solution to prevent more problems arising.

Our customer service skills are valued as much as our trade skills. We make sure to keep all occupants informed, listen to their needs, and providing prompt, effective, and affordable solutions. We are absolutely confident Vertec Roofing are Sydney’s leading team for strata maintenance services.


The entire team at Vertec are OH&S trained and compliant; always adhering to the necessary safety precautions for each job. Vertec are also fully insured and covered with public liability workers compensation. Not only do we make sure to keep our contractors safe, but we also make sure to execute every job with great care to each roofing system.

We are focused on providing a professional service through the supply of the best quality materials and exceptional installation practices. Whether it be seasonal maintenance, roof leaks and repairs, or small to large roofing projects, Vertec Roofing will ensure that each job is taken care of effectively and efficiently.

We provide prompt and continued communication – the team at Vertec roofing extends to a dedicated administration person who handles all strata communications. Vertec Roofing will also provide Strata management with detailed reports, recommendations, and industry-professional advice for strata roofing services.

We understand how challenging it can be for a property manager trying to be a link between the tenant and the contractor; that’s why we strive to provide exceptional communication and support throughout the entire process.


Having specialised as roof repair contractors in the Strata maintenance industry for over 15 years, Vertec roofing are able to provide premium strata roofing services for all projects. We offer superior roofing solutions at competitive Sydney prices. Our team of experts always adhere to strict OH&S guidelines while delivering a fast and professional service to strata managers in the Sydney metropolitan area.

Vertec Roofing have proven results for setting exceptional standards in cost control, planning, scheduling and project safety. We have a wealth of strata roof maintenance experience that gives us a competitive edge over other contractors in our field.

Vertec are the leading choice for providing quality and affordable Strata Roofing Services in Sydney. Working with many strata roofing services for many years, we understand the roofing concerns and requirements of managing a large property.

We will provide you with an honest evaluation of the condition of the roofing systems, guiding you through the process of any strata roofing project from start to finish. We always ensure all of your roofing concerns are addressed, while also providing experience-based professional roofing advice. When you work with Vertec, you can rest assured that each issued work order is being handled by a professional who knows what they are doing. Get in touch with our team today to learn more.


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