With more than 15 years’ experience and a long list of happy customers across the city, Vertec Roofing is proud to deliver the best Re Roofing Sydney has to offer. We deliver premium re-roofing services in Sydney at affordable prices. Whether you’re looking for CommercialResidential or Industrial Re Roofing Sydney services, no job is too big or too small for Vertec Roofing to handle.

If you’ve decided your house requires a new roof, you will need to look into your options and possibly consider a re-roof. The concept of re-roofing is relatively straight forward. Unlike the primary tasks of repairing, restoration, or adding a roofing system to a newly built home, each re-roofing Sydney project involves the installation of a new roof.


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Re roofing Sydney is a term described two different roofing practices. Firstly, re roofing Sydney can suggest the process of laying new shingles or roofing materials on top of an existing roofing system. Typically executed when the original roofing system has suffered significant damage, re-roofing with overlay is an affordable and less time-consuming alternative to an entire roof replacement.

If your existing roof is significantly damaged, roof repairs or restorations may not be entirely possible. Opting for an overlay re-roof may be your only option without entirely tearing down the original structure. While initially, this may be more expensive than a roof repair or restoration, it will be a long-term investment that provides you with an entirely new roofing structure on the outside.

The second form of re roofing Sydney is essentially a roof replacement. This process involves tearing down the original structure that is likely damaged or worn and starting again with an entirely new roofing structure and material. This method of re-roofing is popular because it means providing a sturdy and reliable construction from scratch. Re-roofing overlay can be complicated depending on the nature of the original roofing materials and the extent of damage or ageing.

Re-roofing your house, as the name suggests, involves replacing your roof either because it’s past its use-by date, it has experienced significant damage, or for aesthetic purposes. Whether you require small repairs or compleete overhaul there is no re roofing Sydney job too big or too small for Vertec Roofing to look after.

Re-roofing your Sydney house comes with many benefits for your property. Firstly, you’re getting a chance to redesign the overall aesthetic and theme of your home with a new roof. The property will be significantly enhanced, adding both curb appeal and increased value if you’re interested in selling it in the future.

Secondly, re-roofing your house will trump any patch roof repair jobs or restorations. An entire re-roof will mean a new protective barrier for your home from any existing leaks and roofing issues. And thirdly, re-roofing your house will extend the lifespan of your entire home, and significantly decrease house maintenance costs. In addition to fixing structural damage with your roof, re roofing Sydney provides an opportunity to update the look of your property.


Vertec Roofing is Sydney’s leading experts in roof repairs, roof replacements and roof restorations. With over 15 years of experience in the roofing industry, the team at Vertec have built up an in-depth knowledge into the solutions of each roofing material and different housing structures.

There are several reasons you may decide to re-roof your home. It may be that your roof is outdated, damaged, deteriorated, or you want to change the aesthetics. Whatever the case, the initial decision will be how you do it and who you will engage with to do so. Working with an elite roofing company like Vertec Roofing means relying on a team of professionals that specialise in the re-roofing process. Re-roofing a house is not a simple project. It’s a delicate job that requires care and attention so as not to disturb the existing ceilings, plaster or external sidings.

Before making any decisions, one of our roofing experts will take the time to make an accurate assessment of:

1. The existing problems and the potential costs of roof repair patch up jobs

2. The different options and prices for roof replacement or re roofing Sydney

3. Any design or structural issues concerning renovations and extensions

We’ll be sure to provide you with knowledgeable and honest advice in adherence to best practice, council regulations and possible structural issues. Even if you are undecided on your roofing options, Vertec Roofing can provide a no-obligation inspection and quote to advise you on the best course of action for your roofing requirements. The team at Vertec are committed to working with each client to find their perfect roofing solution.


What sets Vertec Roofing apart from other roofing companies is that when you contact Vertec Roofing, you will be dealing directly with those who are executing the job. Each roofer is entirely invested in your project from the very beginning and will be with you every step of the way.

Our roofing professionals are committed to providing honest advice, exceptional service and high-quality roofing deliverables. Over our years in the re-roofing industry, we have repaired, replaced, tiled and slates hundreds of roofs, all over Sydney. Whether you’re interested in re-roofing your residential, commercial, or industrial Sydney property, no job is too big or small for Vertec Roofing.


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