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With more than 15 years’ of experience in Sydney and a long list of satisfied customers across the city, Vertec Roofing is proud to privde the best Roof Painting Sydney services. We deliver premium Roof Painting services in Sydney at affordable prices. Whether you’re looking for Commercial, Residential or Industrial Roof Painting services, no job is too big or too small.

We are committed to providing high-quality roof painting at competitive prices.. Above all, Vertec Roofing can guarantee an exceptional finish that will have the job well done the first time around. We guarantee to get the job done right, the first time. We provide inspections and quotes to help you make the right decision for your Roof Painting Sydney project.



Over the last 15 years we’ve worked on every type of roofing material you can imagine and have always been able to find the right roofing solution to suit the customer’s needs.

A simple roof painting job completed by Vertec Roofing can significantly improve the state and overall appeal of a property. If your roofing materials are looking a little worn, sometimes re-vamping your Sydney roof can be as simple as a re-paint, rather than a full roof restoration.

Both weather and time can take their toll on roofing materials, slowly dulling the colour and fading your roof. It is entirely reasonable for roofing materials to wear over time, with even the sturdiest roofing structures being vulnerable to Australia’s weather conditions.

Assuming the roof is not suffering from any significant damages, a roof painting Sydney job will reinforce necessary sealant protection while breathing new life into the home. Our Sydney roof painting services can rejuvenate a house’s roof, while also adding structural value to the materials.

Roof painting is suitable for the most common roof types, including concrete tiles and even metal sheeting such as Colorbond. In saying that, each roofing material is different and will require unique painting methods and materials to ensure seamless execution. Engaging with a professional roofing contractor for a roof paint job is paramount in ensuring the appropriate paints and practices – roof painting Sydney is not something that can be complete without an experienced professional.

Vertec Roofing treats every roof with care and will work with each client to find the best roof paint solution. Regardless of the roofing material, Vertec will begin every roof painting Sydney job with a thorough inspection and clean. Vertec’s team will sweep the roof down and remove any loose debris including moss, fungi, lichen, leaves, bird droppings, etc. For the paint and sealants to properly adhere to the roof’s surface, the roof will be thoroughly cleaned and assessed for any damage or weak spots.

Once the roof has been adequately cleaned and managed, Vertec will only use the highest quality paints, methods, and best practices in adherence to the roof materials. We primarily specialise in using Colorbond roofing paints for roofing surfaces; as not only do Colorbond products leave exceptional finish, they also work to maintain and enhance the surface of the roof.


Our skilled roofing experts always provide excellent roof painting Sydney services for our customers. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and commitment to delivering customer satisfaction. Vertec offers roof painting services in a variety of shades to suit the needs of every type of home and will always follow manufacturer guidelines and recommendations.

Depending on the materials used, Vertec Roofing may recommend a multi-step approach to paint roof painting Sydney. A multi-step approach will allow for multiple coats to be applied, to ensure the paint is smooth, resistant to corrosion, and sealed in. After the painting is complete, thanks to the accuracy of air paint spraying techniques, your roof will come out looking brand new. Painting a faded roof is an excellent way to prolong the lifespan of a roof that is purely suffering from wear and tear.

Painting your roof with Vertec Roofing will enhance the appeal of your property, while also working to improve the performance of your roof. With a well-painted Vertec roof, the risk of algae and lichen growth is reduced. A thick coat of quality paint will prevent the growth of any plants and bacteria. Roof painting Sydney will go a long way in avoiding damage, moisture builds up and roof leaks in the future.


Vertec’s team of roofing experts are the best in the business when it comes to roof painting Sydney. With over 15 years of experience in residential, commercial, and industrial roofing sites, no roof paint job is too big or small for Vertec. With our commitment to working with the highest quality materials and products and providing the utmost customer satisfaction, you won’t find a more experienced and qualified roofing company than Vertec Roofing.

Roof painting Sydney is no different from any other roofing jobs and maintenance; it requires a team of experienced professionals to rely on for exceptional execution. Here at Vertec Roofing, we believe there is a solution we can provide to every roofing problem. We can provide the expertise, professionalism, and an exceptional quality of work while working with you to identify the best solution for your roof painting Sydney.


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