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Roof Replacement: What to Expect

If you have any shared laneways, access points, or feel your neighbours might be disturbed by the roofing work, it can be courteous to let them know in advance. Also, secure any outdoor furniture or ornaments so they are not at risk of being damaged by falling debris. To make the clean-up of debris as easy as possible, ensure your garden and external areas are neat and tidy.

In the days leading up to your new roof installation, your roofing contractor may have organised the delivery of a skip bin or materials to your house. To accommodate for this, you might need to make space on the street or in your driveaway, so these are easily accessible when work commences.


Depending on the size and complexity of your roof, the timeline of your new roof installation will vary. Simple jobs may only take a day or two, while others may take a couple of weeks. It is essential to know what to expect during a new roof installation so you can make plans accordingly.

If you have young children or pets, plan how you will manage them during the roof installation process as it will be loud and annoying. This can be as simple as making sure they are at school or day-care that day or booking them in for appointments that get them out of the house. Additionally, it is important to figure out where you will be during the construction. The process can be loud and annoying; if you stay at home, find an out of the way spot or invest in a pair of noise-cancelling headphones. Some roofers may recommend that you vacate your home during the installation to ensure the safety of the occupants whilst they are doing their job. The removal and disposal of debris may make it unsafe to walk around the exterior of your house, especially if out of the line of sight of roofers.

If you are out of the house, make arrangements with your contractor about access points and your expectations of how they treat your home. Both parties must know what to expect during a new roof installation.

Once the roofers arrive, it is a relatively simple process. Your contractor will begin by stripping off the existing roofing and disposing of it. Once they have done that, they will complete any additions to your roof structure to ensure it is suitable and safe for the new roofing. After this, they will then apply the new roof and complete all the necessary finishes. On the final day, the contractor will do a walk through with you and explain everything that has been done. You will check over the work and ensure you are happy with it before both parties sign off.

This is a simplified explanation of the roof replacement what to expect will vary depending on its architecture, necessary alterations, and materials.


You can avoid many issues by choosing a certified and reputable roofing contractor; however, problems can arise. If any issues arise, your contractor should be upfront and explain what they are doing to solve them. Additionally, they will notify if this issue contributes to a variation in the job’s price and timeline. While unfortunate, these additional works may help preserve and maintain the integrity of your roof for years to come. Just make sure both parties are transparent and work to achieve an effective resolution. This is what to expect during a new roof installation.

if something goes wrong during roof replacement


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