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How Much Does A New Roof Cost? Roofing Costs in 2020

The importance of a roof becomes evident when building a new home or when your current roof needs a replacement. Australia is a land of extremes, and a roof is there to protect you and the rest of your property from the harshness of the environment; making it a crucial part of your home. If you’re looking to sell your property or renovating an investment property, you might be considering roof replacement by a roofing contractor. So, how much does a new roof cost?

A roof isn’t only important to the structure of a home, but it can also add value to a property, especially if the roof is newly replaced. This will likely cause you to stop and consider: how much does a new roof cost? The price of a new roof can vary dramatically depending on a large variety of factors that you will have to consider when budgeting your new or replacement roof.


When considering how much does a new roof cost, you probably think you know all of the factors that go into the roof replacement cost. There are definitely some factors that you will already know like the size of the roof, materials used and roof replacement labour costs, but there are some extra factors that might affect you.

what makes a new roof more expensive than an old one


The average cost to replace an old roof is generally higher than a brand new roof installation, as the contractor need to spend more time, labour and resources on removing the original roof materials. Transporting and disposing of the old roof is often more expensive than expected and often comes as a surprise when asking how much does a new roof costs.

If you’re wondering “how much does a roof replacement cost?” It is generally less as you avoid the removal and disposal of old materials. Still, it will vary depending on the structure of your roof and if anything needs to be added structurally before installation can occur. Talk to your builder and roof contractor to get a better understanding of who is responsible for what and where the total roof replacement cost is coming from so you can budget appropriately for your new roofing materials.


Costing is almost always quoted per square metre of the roof. This an enormous driving factor when asking: How Much Does a New House Roof Cost? And How Much Does It Cost to Get a New Roof?

If you’re designing a new roof, consider how it will impact roof replacement costs. A complicated design will be harder and take longer to install per square metre, driving up costs. If you’ve designed a larger roof, this will also significantly increase costs. A larger roof doesn’t just mean more materials, it also means higher labour due to a longer, drawn-out installation process.

A flat roof is generally cheaper than other materials, as it’s designed to be basic, is easy to install and requires less room. Sloping hip and gable designs are much more difficult roofing job to install and require a larger space, making these types of designs more expensive.

The angle of the roof as also important; a steep roof has its dangers and will require the need for added safety equipment for a safe installation process.


The cost of roofing materials will vary from company to company and is a major factor when asking “how much does a new roof cost?”. Still, as a general rule, asphalt and tile shingles are the most economical option, and metal roofing sheets are more expensive than a tiled roof. Consider the materials you want to use for your roofing system and think about the value they add to your property. For example, a waterproof membrane system for your new roof will add value but not impact the aesthetics of the roof like a metal roof.

factors that influence the cost of roof repairs


Costs for labour are always a high expense in home renovation and although it is important to ask the contractor for the hourly labour rates, you should ask for a final, written quote as this will give you an idea of how much work is involved. Collecting written quotes will also allow you to compare prices if you are looking at multiple companies for your roofing company.


Often overlooked when asking “how much does a new roof cost?”, environmental factors play a large role in the type of roof your home requires. Roofs in Australia have to deal with the harshness of the environment; commonly roofs in Australia need to be able last in extreme heat while being practical and keeping the house cool.

Due to the harsh, high exposure to sunlight, it is now relatively common for roofs to be designed to have solar panels installed on top of the roofing materials or solar roofing tiles, so the structure has to be designed accordingly to be able to withstand the added weight. Therefore, the environmental factors will influence your roof design and choice of materials. Depending on where you live, some materials won’t last in the harsh extremities of Australian heat so it’s important to ask your roofer what will suit your home and its needs.


Asbestos in an existing roof can be really costly when wondering “how much does it cost to get a new roof?”. There are strict rules and regulations around the proper removal of an asbestos roof, and the removal company needs to be licensed to do so. If asbestos is found in your roof, it is best to remove it as soon as you can but be sure to check your quote to see if it is added in the cost of your roof replacement or if has been an added cost in the process. Generally, asbestos roof removal can start at $250 but has been known to exceed $5,500 depending on the circumstance, type and amount of asbestos found.


If the site of your home is difficult to access, it will be harder to install and transport materials. Some properties may require more specialised equipment or machines that will also further increase roof replacement costs. Roof installation on taller buildings also create greater risks to the builders, which may result in added costs in safety equipment and hazardous work environment charges.


A roof is crucial for any property; the right roof can really impact the quality and market value of your home. If your old roof was poorly installed, it might be leaking or have broken tiles, which can also make you consider: “how much does a roof replacement cost?”

Well, now you have a good idea of what factors go into the roof replacement cost, you can contact an expert roofing contractor and have a chat to discuss your wants and roofing needs. Here at Vertec Roofing, we are the leading experts in roof installation and replacements with over 15 years of experience in the Sydney region.

Vertec Roofing can make your house look as good as new while reducing your heating and cooling bills (further saving you money), with our roof replacement services. As Sydney’s leading roofing contractor, we will ensure any problems you once had with your roof or might potentially encounter will be entirely mitigated and removed, giving you peace of mind in your new and improved home.

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