How Much Does Skylight Installation Cost?

how much does skylight installation cost?

Skylight Installation Costs – Simple Guide for 2023Installing a skylight in your home can breathe new life and light (literally) into a tired or dark space.But for most, the question of whether or not to install a skylight doesn’t come back to aesthetics, it comes back to cost. So then, what goes into the cost […]

Colorbond vs. Tile Roof – Which is Best for Your Home?

colorbond vs tile roof

Colorbond vs. Tile Roof – 2023 GuideWhen it comes to choosing a roof for your home, many come back to the debate of Colorbond roof vs. tile roof – and for good reason as well! Both colorbond and tile roof materials offer a long list of benefits from insulation to appearance and durability. But, which […]

Do Whirlybirds Work?

do whirlybirds work?

Do whirlybirds work and are they worth installing in your home? Whirlybirds, otherwise known as roof ventilators or turbine ventilators, are installed on a roof to improve ventilation and reduce heat build-up – but are they really worth the money? Two of the most common questions that we receive around whirlybirds are when should you […]

Roof Restoration or Replacement: Your Guide

Roof Restoration vs. Replacement Cover Image

When considering how to manage a damaged or ageing roof, Australian homeowners often find themselves choosing between a roof restoration or a replacement. Within this article, Vertec Roofing are going to outline the differences of roof restoration vs replacement, pros and cons of each, and costs involved, to ensure you’ve got everything you need to […]

Building a Pitched Roof Over a Flat Roof: 5 Advantages

Building a Pitched Roof Over a Flat Roof Cover Image

If you’re building a new house or re-roofing your existing home, it’s important to choose the right roofing materials and slope. And while design is always going to be a major consideration, there are other reasons to choose the right structure – including practicality, function, and longevity. Many homeowners find themselves choosing between a flat […]

Installing Solar Panels on Your Roof: 7 Things You Need to Consider

installing solar panels on your roof

Australia enjoys more days of sunlight than almost anywhere in the world. As such, it should be no surprise that Australia has one of the highest uptakes of solar panels globally, with around 30% of homes now featuring a rooftop solar installation. Whether you’re designing a new home or retrospectively fitting solar panels to your […]

Different Roof Material Types & Their Benefits

Different roofing materials

When it comes to the look of your home, the roofing material you choose makes a big difference. From boosting kerb appeal to protecting your home and contents, the roof you choose can make a big difference to the appearance and value of your home. In this article, we’ll look at the most common roof […]

How to Prevent Rodents in Your Roof

How to prevent rodents in your roof - a guide

It’s no secret that Australian homes are prone to attract mice or rats. If you live in a leafy area, you may be prone to possums living in your roof, or if you live in a cool climate, you may be familiar with finding tiny mice droppings inside in winter. Generally, these rodents can access […]

How to Clean Roof Tiles – Your Guide

How to Clean Roof Tiles - Your Guide Cover Image

Roof tiles are essential to protect your home from the extremities, the weather, and rodents. However, roof tiles can only protect your home for as long as they are maintained. Maintenance of your roof tiles should include regular inspections, fast repairs where required, and cleaning. Cleaning your roof tiles sounds simple enough; however, can be […]

How to Remove Lichen from Roof Tiles

How to remove lichen from roof tiles cover picture

Lichen is a small, plant like organisms that tend to grow on the surface of roof tiles. While they are not immediately harmful, lichen can cause long-term damage to your roof and even lead to respiratory issues for occupants of a property. In this article, we’ll tackle lichen and explain what you need to do […]